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ContentCal compared to MeetEdgar

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
2nd December 2020

Every successful business needs a brilliant marketing strategy behind it which means you need to make your social media accounts a real priority. If you own a small business, are a freelancer, or are part of a large corporation, you can easily maintain a social presence by using social media marketing tools.

We’re taking a look at two of the best marketing calendar tools on the market, ContentCal and MeetEdgar, to help you decide which one will be most useful for your brand.

About ContentCal

Created by a social media marketing agency based in London, ContentCal was designed to help anyone and everyone succeed in social media. It aims to bring strategies, workflows, and social media marketing practises to companies of all sizes and has been on the market since 2016.

Its client base includes some big names, such as WPP, Marriott, Hartley’s and ODEON Business. There are a number of plans on offer, suitable for individuals managing social media accounts or large companies looking for a more bespoke package.

Content Hub

About MeetEdgar

Founded by professionals, for professionals, MeetEdgar was launched to support entrepreneurs and small business owners to allow them to succeed on social media - while tackling everything else that comes with owning a business.

Its main function is to automate your social media scheduling, so even if life takes a turn for the busy, you don’t have to worry about your social posts. You’ll also get social copy A/B testing capabilities, weekly reports direct to your inbox, plus link shortening and tracking.

There are two plans to choose from; Edgar Lite and Edgar.

MeetEdgar screenshot

Ease of Use - ContentCal

Rather than having a number of different social tools to approve content, schedule content, generate reports and collaborate on your marketing calendar, ContentCal brings them all together in one neat hub. It goes ten steps further than a standard strategic marketing plan template, allowing you and your team to seamlessly organize content.

It’s so easy to use, even those with little experience of social media marketing tools will feel right at home. There are a lot of elements to explore but the support team is always on hand to assist if you’re looking for a little extra guidance.

Once you’ve connected your social media accounts from the ‘Setup’ area in the Publish section, you can draft content, submit it for approval (if necessary) and select dates and times for publishing.

If you use apps like Slack, Trello and Google Sheets, you’ll be glad to know that these (and many more) can all be integrated using Zapier. This makes the setup efficient as there’s no need for extra code, making light work of switching over from your current way of working.

The icons are clear, everything is color-coded for ease and the visual Calendar shows you each post clearly. All the options you need are along the top navigation and you can easily switch between accounts using the dropdown menu at the top of your Calendar - perfect for those managing multiple clients.

The dedicated Help Center has handy guides to walk you through every step, explaining each feature in detail and offering hints and tips to streamline your workflow.

Content Hub Add to Library

Ease of Use - MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is easy to use because, at its core, it’s similar to other marketing calendar tools out there - but it does take some getting used to. You can add a number of accounts from the Accounts screen and the toolbar at the top gives you everything else you need.

To start adding content, you’ll need to build your categories, which are color-coded and will include the types of posts you usually send out - blog posts, sales posts, announcements etc.

Once you’re happy with those, you add new content to each category, inputting your social copy, images and links (with link shortening available). All of your posts will be added into your searchable library and that’s where they’ll remain. If you want to upload a large number of posts at once, you can import a spreadsheet or connect your RSS feed.

From there, you set up your weekly schedule, select the accounts you want MeetEdgar to post to and select a category from the post to be taken from. As it works with evergreen content, it has a last-in-first-out rotation, so your most recent updates will be published first. Any published piece then moves to the back of the queue, ready for reposting at a later date.

You can see which posts are in your queue, pause it at any time and skip posts if they aren’t relevant. As well as the queue, you can schedule one-off-one-time posts in the Advanced Settings dropdown.

You’ll receive monthly reports to your inbox, giving you basic statistics about clicks, followers, number of posts and category breakdown.

MeetEdgar screenshot info

Platform highlights - ContentCal

Teamwork capabilities

Teams can easily share content using ContentCal’s Web Clipper extension that allows them to save links and articles to the Content Hub Library or Pinboard while browsing the web. Those on higher paid plans can also make use of the Contributions feature allowing you to create custom forms for your teammates and clients to fill in and submit with content ideas and suggestions. These features make ContentCal ideal for agencies, freelancers and social media teams.

Content Hub Library

The Content Hub Library can be used to store future content ideas, create template posts to be reused, or create an asset library.

Reuse content

The ability to reuse your posts is a real bonus for evergreen material, saving you time and ensuring you get the most out of your content.

Easily respond to messages across all platforms

ContentCal Engage allows you to leave behind the days of having numerous tabs open and notifications always on, as all of your conversations are now in one place. You can assign messages to certain team members, label message types, save replies and leave internal notes to keep the whole team in the loop.

Availability of support

Help is always on-hand, with the ContentCal team responding within minutes during working hours - something you definitely won’t get from some of the bigger tools on the market.

Pause all content

Need to stop posting temporarily? The ‘Pause all content’ button makes this quick and easy.

Simple-to-use analytics

Take the stress out of generating social reports with the Analytics tool. Track your audience growth, engagement rate, and top performing posts.

On-boarding and team training

With Custom plans, your business will quickly become well-versed in the ways of ContentCal.

Seamless content integration

As well as social media content, your long-form content such as newsletters, blog posts and press releases can all be created and stored in the same place using the Articles feature,  eradicating the need for any and all shared documents.

Platform weaknesses - ContentCal

Content inspiration

Although ContentCal has features for collating the inspiration that you find on your own (via Web Clipper, to be stored in the Content Hub), it's currently lacking in features that can suggest content such as hashtags or topics. This is something ContentCal is looking to offer in the future so keep an eye on our product roadmap.

Platform highlights - MeetEdgar

Reuse content

MeetEdgar’s biggest pro is its “set it and forget it” mantra, whereby you can upload your content and it will automatically continue posting even after your queue has finished. This is great for evergreen content, and episodic posts like #MotivationalMonday.

Suggested variations

As well as the above, the platform can actually write your content for you, using quotes or snippets from articles or blogs, tweaking the copy each time so it’s varied. This is a real plus compared to some other social media marketing tools.

Category-based scheduling

Color-coded categories make finding what you want a breeze, and these categories are used to create a schedule.

Content library

The content library is where you’ll find all your previous content, handily organised into the aforementioned categories.

Browser extension

The browser extension makes it easy to add content you find while you’re browsing to your categories.

A/B testing

All social media marketers love a good A/B test, and you can implement this with MeetEdgar.

Pause queue

Need everything to stop for a moment? The pause queue toggle is there for you.

Automatic analytics

You’ll receive a weekly email update with your progress, giving you the top-line information you need to alter your social media strategy as necessary. You can revisit reports as and when you need.

Availability of support

There are a number of help documents available, and if you need to speak to a person, you can expect to in around 48 business hours - usually within a day.

Meet Edgar screenshot 3

Platform weaknesses - MeetEdgar

No in-platform responses

If responding to your followers without having to sign in to the different platforms is high on your must-have list, MeetEdgar won’t tick that box for you.

Static reporting

MeetEdgar is let down by its inability to give users in-depth analytics, although the company regularly reviews its features and takes feedback onboard.

Posting intervals are limited

If your brand posts once a day, you’ll be right at home with MeetEdgar. However, the content calendar is pretty rigid, so if you tend to post less frequently, like bi-weekly or a few times a month, you may be left feeling underwhelmed.

No automatic posting to Instagram

As you might have expected, there’s no direct to Instagram posting available. Instead, you’ll need to use push notifications from the MeetEdgar app.


ContentCal is an impressive tool which can do much more than just schedule content, making life easy for social media managers across the globe.

Despite its weaknesses, the team at ContentCal is always introducing new features, so it’s likely that any bugbears you do find with the platform will become irrelevant in the near future.

If you’ve tried a few social media marketing tools, you’ll feel like a kid in a sweet shop with ContentCal as there’s such a vast range of tools to try. For agencies and businesses, it will be a breath of fresh air.

MeetEdgar is an excellent scheduling tool for those who post every day and need a hand churning out that glorious evergreen content, but it isn’t ideal for people who post just a few times a week, or who want to schedule content to go out at certain times per month.

If you’re a small business and want something with more bells and whistles than social media marketing tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, it’ll be a great option - especially when it comes to evergreen content. However, it’s lacking when it comes to really making life easier for marketers with a lot on their plates.

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