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ContentCal raises $6.2million in Series A funding

Find out about our latest funding announcement and our plans for the future directly from our CEO and Founder, Alex Packham.

Blog Post Author – Alex
27th April 2021

ContentCal is only four years old, but it has been with me, as an idea, as a concept and eventually as a product for the last ten years.

For almost a third of my life I’ve been thinking about how to turn the need for better social media and content marketing technology into reality. And so, being able to announce that we’ve now received a Series-A funding of $6.2 million, means so much more than money in the bank.

As a founder and CEO, part of my job is to keep raising cash and I’ve been able to do that quite successfully over the last four years, securing around $14 million in total. The majority of that funding has come from angel investors and Fuel Ventures, who have been with us since our Seed Round, and have now been joined by Guinness Asset Management for the A-round.

Despite being able to keep ContentCal well funded since it launched in 2017, growing the business to the level of success that warrants multi-million dollar investment, from two sets of investors, really validates our product and solidifies that idea I had all those years ago - ContentCal is officially on the mar-tech map and I couldn’t be happier.

ContentCal is not a new business. For the last few years the team has been working tirelessly to carve out our place in the industry and we’ve secured over 2,000 customers during that time. We’ve worked really closely with our customers to continuously understand the changing needs of next generation marketing teams, and kept adding customer feature requests to our roadmap. We haven’t been scared to experiment and get things wrong, but because of our commitment to listening and taking onboard feedback, both internally and externally, we’ve very quickly been able to turn setbacks into successes.

One of the things that I am most excited about with the funding, is how much more it will let us do for our customers, and how much faster we’ll be able to do it. I will personally work with the product team to go back through all the feature requests and product suggestions that had to be parked due to resource or budget, and prioritize getting them back into development.

Even before the Series-A closed, our product evolution over the past 12 months is something I’m incredibly proud of. We’ve added automated instagram publishing (our most requested feature of all time) drastically improved our analytics, built an incredible community management asset called Engage and continued to iterate the core features of content planning, creation, collaboration and social media publishing - staying true to our mission of making content marketing simple and accessible for all businesses.

My favourite thing about ContentCal is the team itself. I get to work with the most talented, innovative, creative and passionate people I could ever hope to work with. Our people are undoubtedly the secret to our success. But the real bonus is that they are all great fun! There is not one person in the ContentCal team that I wouldn’t happily get stuck in a lift with, or go for a few drinks with after work. The fact we can now double our team across all departments is really exciting. You can view our open roles here and we’ll be adding to those on a daily basis, so please keep checking back. We’re on the hunt for best of breed talent, but the most important quality to us is personality, positive mindset and drive.

I am very aware of how easy it could be to get caught up in the excitement of expansion, growth and funding. I am making a commitment to the current and future ContentCal team and customers, and to myself, to never lose sight of the fact this product was created to solve real day-to-day tech struggles. Struggles that I personally experienced as a social media manager, and heard from so many other content marketers. The heart of this business is based around bringing great people together to build simple, intuitive technology, at an affordable price, in an environment that gives everyone the chance to speak up, be heard and excel at what they do. No amount of money or growth will ever change that.

The next big task on the to-do list is to open our first office in America, complimenting the growing London HQ. We’ll be setting up shop in Austin, Texas, to offer more on the ground support to our ever-growing list of US customers, and take a few strides forward in our global journey.

This funding round has been a long-time coming and there have absolutely been a few ‘pinch me’ moments since the deal closed - even though I have never doubted the capability of our platform or the strength of our team. I spent months thinking about how big the celebration party would be - but in reality, when the round closed I celebrated by acknowledging and thanking the team for their hard work, thanking our investors for their support, giving myself a pat on the back for how far we've come, and then sleeping! Not much of a party at all, but we'll make up for that soon as restrictions ease and we can safely see each other and our customers in person again.

But for now, let’s get to work!

Alex Packham is CEO and Founder of ContentCal Alex Packham headshot

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