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5 Ways to use ContentCal's Calendar Notes

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
2nd April 2019

Calendar Notes provide a handy area for leaving date-specific information. You can add these Notes to your Content Calendar above your social media channels, and can drag and drop them to different dates.

How to create a Note

Hover over the Notes section at the top of your ContentCal Calendar. Select ‘+ Add Note’, enter your text, and then hit save. Click on your Note to edit or delete.

What can you do with Calendar Notes?


Calendar Notes can be great for holding reminders. If you’re waiting on some assets or information needed to finish a day of content, you can leave a Calendar Note such as ‘awaiting assets’ to make your team aware, and remind yourself.

Role assignment

If there are multiple members of the team working on the social media content you can use ContentCal's Calendar Notes to assign responsibility over particular dates to specific members of your team.

Highlight key dates

Key dates present a wonderful opportunity for social media content. Add Calendar Notes to remind your team about ‘National Talk Like A Pirate Day’ or ‘Pancake Day’ and provide inspiration for future content.

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Internal dates

Similarly, you can also use Calendar Notes to store information around more internal key dates such as ‘Greg’s Birthday’ or ‘Q2 presentation today’. This will remind you of any opportunities to share more intimate team content over social media.


And finally, if you’re using specific days of the week to focus on particular topics, you might use your Calendar Notes to provide a summary for the day. For example, if you’re running a competition and have several posts about this lined up throughout the day, you might choose to leave a Calendar Note named ‘Competition’ to remind yourself of the focus for the day.  

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