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ContentStudio compared to ContentCal

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
13th January 2021

There’s nothing quite like a social media planning calendar to streamline your workflow, make life easier, and help you to maximize your content, which is why so many freelancers, agencies, and businesses look to them for support.

But with so many to choose from, how do you know what the best social media scheduler is for you? As part of this ContentStudio review, we’re comparing the tool to ContentCal to let you know the ins and outs, pros and cons, and plenty of other helpful advice to help you make your choice.

About ContentStudio

ContentStudio was founded in 2016 by a digital marketing expert and tech expert, and it allows you to discover, schedule, and analyze your content. There are also social media marketing tools that let you automate processes, recycle evergreen posts, collaborate with the team, and more. Keep reading for our full ContentStudio review.

There are plans for all business sizes, ranging from $49 per month to $299 per month.

About ContentCal

ContentCal began its life in 2014 as a social media marketing agency with big aspirations. After identifying an opportunity to streamline strategies, workflows, and social media management for freelancers, agencies, and businesses, ContentCal as we now know it was born.

Users can select from a range of plans to suit all business sizes, with prices starting from $30 per month.

Ease of Use - ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a Workspace-based platform, with a Workspace for each of your clients or brands. This helps to keep everything separate, and ensure you’re working on the right account at the right time.

The interface is really user-friendly; everything you need is along the top bar. Unlike some social media marketing tools that throw everything at you (including the kitchen sink), there aren’t too many features to get to grips with, which makes the learning curve fairly shallow.

Discover helps you to find trending content to inform your content strategy and save you time, using machine learning and AI. ContentStudio crawls over four million domains to find you a variety of content, and you can add your own domains, too. If you regularly share news articles, blogs, or industry tips, or want to be on the pulse of the next viral sensation, you’ll find this useful. You can quickly add content to your queue or favorite it for later use.

Publish is the content creation tool and scheduling tool, with a content calendar layout to allow everyone in your team to see what’s going on. Within the Composer, you can schedule social media content as well as blog posts, keeping everything in one place. Saved hashtags, UTM tracker, and integrations are a great addition, once again streamlining the process.

Once you’ve got used to how to find and schedule content, the Analyze tab allows you to track your social media engagement, create branded reports, and schedule reports in advance to land in your clients’ inboxes.

ContentStudio will take a bit of time to set up (posting schedules, team member access, Workspaces, automation, etc), but it’s fairly easy to use and can save marketers tons of time during the daily grind.

ContentStudio 1

Ease of Use - ContentCal

ContentCal is a visual calendar layout, with the option to add more Calendars for however many clients you have. All your posts are displayed clearly, with color coding and categorization for ease. Adding your accounts, users and assigning User Permissions is simple, and the onboarding team is there to help if you need a hand, as well as the extensive help center guides.

You can publish to most social media networks with ContentCal due to its Zapier integration. Clicking on the calendar takes you into the content creation tools, where you can select your profiles, add images, Category Tags, Publish Times and Dates, plus use saved hashtags.

It’s a drag and drop social media planning calendar, helping you to organize your content seamlessly. There’s an option to reuse your posts, breathing new life into your evergreen content.

The Content Hub is a library where all of your previous posts will live, as well as anything you’d like to add for future content, such as images and videos. This is all automatically saved for you.

ContentCal Engage brings all of your inboxes together. You can respond to comments, mentions, direct messages, and more. The workload can also be split between team members using the assign function.

With the Analytics tool, you can check out your top-performing content, platform metrics, and make informed decisions about your content.

To become one of the best social media scheduler tools, you need to offer people more than the usual. ContentCal brings marketing teams together, allowing them to get a bird’s-eye view of all marketing activity, using Zapier integrations to connect thousands of apps.

In terms of usability, ContentCal couldn’t be easier to pick up, with an intuitive user interface, and a support team that’s raring and ready to help.


Platform Highlights - ContentStudio

Content delivered

The Discover feature takes the work out of trawling the web for relevant content and is super easy to use. Select from over 12,000 topics to follow and explore news, trending topics, and content suggestions to inform your content schedule. You can also add your own topics, to make it tailored to you or your clients.

Influencer Discovery

Easily find out which are the very best influencers to bring into your community, getting access to demographics, engagement stats, and more.

Content Insights

Gain useful insights into which platforms are most successful for you, along with the content types that work most effectively. Delve deeper into posting times, content length, and more to allow your schedule to thrive.


You can integrate a good number of apps into ContentStudio, including Replug, YouTube, Shopify, Pinterest, and more.

Multi-channel content creation tools

ContentStudio can be used not only to schedule your social media, but to create engaging blog posts with topic suggestions, image, GIF, and video embedding, and an SEO assistant.

Post recycling

Posts can be set to share repeatedly on your social pages at regular intervals to get more eyes on your best content.

A helping hand

Discover the best time slots for your content, save hashtags for ease, and use the built-in image editor to save those precious minutes.

Social inbox

Get most of your engagements in one place with a unified inbox. You can check your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube comments, as well as messages on Facebook and Twitter.


Create branded reports, automate the process, and learn how to make your content better with the Analyze tab.

ContentStudio 2

Platform Weaknesses - ContentStudio

Support lacking

Some reviewers note that while the platform is great, the customer service can be hit and miss, with some queries left unresolved.

Discovery feed issues

Some topics within the discovery feed seem to be completely empty. While ContentStudio can’t possibly add content for every industry and niche, it’s worth checking what’s available to you before you sign up.

Platform Highlights - ContentCal

Single marketing hub

ContentCal simplifies the lives of your marketing team members by becoming a centralized hub for all marketing activity. As well as shared Calendars and an asset library for social media scheduling, the team can plan campaigns, get feedback from the wider business, plan long-form content, and more.

Response tool

With a single inbox to work from, you’ll never miss a comment or message again. Forget signing into multiple platforms each day, as the whole team can get to work in one place.

Articles feature

Blog posts, newsletters, press releases and more can be created with the Articles feature. Add this content to your Calendar to get visibility over all the ongoing marketing activity and keep the whole team in the loop.

Design seamlessly

Content reuse

Reuse evergreen content easily and create post templates to save time for yourself and your team.

Wider business involvement

Great things can happen outside of the marketing team, so opening up the conversation is important. Utilize the Contributions feature to get feedback, ideas, and thoughts from the wider business.

First-class support

ContentCal prides itself on a support team that you can rely on. Expect responses within mere minutes during the working day.

In-platform post-approval

Many agencies and freelancers will need approval from their clients before going ahead, which ContentCal has built-in from the get-go with User Permissions.

Easy-to-use analytics

The Analytics tab features easy-to-read reports, date range capability, and insights on how to optimize your content to perform. And, there are no hidden fees to access them.


Pricing is affordable, with a range of plans available for professionals and businesses.

Platform Weaknesses - ContentCal

Content generation

ContentCal has lots of features to help you collate your ideas and inspiration together, but it's not so hot on content generation or suggesting content topics. This is something ContentCal is looking to improve in the future so keep an eye on the roadmap to stay in the loop.


It’s clear from our ContentStudio review that both ContentStudio and ContentCal are two of the best social media scheduling tools available to marketers.

With similar offerings, it’s worth reviewing what’s important to your business before making the call on which social media marketing tools to invest in.

ContentStudio offers more than your standard free-to-use social media scheduling tool, as we’ve discovered in this ContentStudio review. With nifty tools to improve your content, you’ll save time, discover brilliant content and influencers, plus learn what works for your brand.

ContentCal, as well as helping you to save time with social media scheduling, plan long-form content, and analyze your progress, can also become a place for your marketing team to work in unison. Collaborate with the wider business, engage with your followers efficiently, and plan campaigns, all with a dedicated support team by your side.

Once you’ve weighed up what’s important for your business, as well as the budget you have available to spend, we’re sure you’ll be on the way to finding the best social media scheduler for you.

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