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5 Steps to ContentCal Mastery: Step 2 - Creating a Content Workflow

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
2nd October 2020

Welcome to step two of our five step series to ContentCal mastery! In this guide, we’ll teach you how to create the perfect content marketing workflow using multiple content calendars. This is especially useful if you’re an agency managing multiple clients.

It’s also really useful for brands operating a franchise model with a hierarchy of social media content, such as a hotel chain or a car manufacturer. If you have corporate channels as well as brand or location channels, developing a strategic [content workflow](/platform-features/solutions/collaboration/ ""content workflow) with ContentCal is a great way to centralise your content.

Get to grips with how our calendars work

To get started, you’ll want to set up separate content calendars in your ContentCal dashboard, if you haven’t already done so. Each calendar has the ability to house multiple social media channels, which comes in handy when you’re dealing with multiple clients or franchise chains.

To set up a new calendar, simply select the ‘new calendar’ button and give your ContentCal calendar a name. From here, whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can connect as many social media channels as required.

How to create a new calendar in contentcal

You can also set specific editing permissions for members within the calendar, from ‘moderator’ to ‘view and comment’ access. This is extremely handy for those who have multiple people working together on one account. For example, you might want to give a franchise manager ‘view and comment’ access, whereas those within your head office team might require ‘moderator’ access. It’s really that simple to do. You can set permissions when creating a new calendar or, under the ‘Members + Approvals tab across your top navigation bar, you can edit existing permissions at any time.

Here’s how to enable the content workflow feature

In order to distribute social media posts across multiple content calendars and create the perfect content workflow, you’ll first have to enable the feature under the setup tab. Within the setup tab, simply scroll down to the bottom and enable ‘allow posts to be duplicated to other Calendars’.

How to enable the content workflow feature

Implementing a content workflow

Once you’ve enabled the feature, you’re ready to get started with your new content workflow.

To begin, choose a creative content piece from your ‘Content Hub’ library, select ‘use content’ and choose the social media profiles and calendars you'd like to share it across. The calendars will be displayed next to 'add to' and your connected social media channels are displayed under 'Channels'.

Approval workflow

From here you have the ability to define a publish date, publish time or even the option to send for approval.

Duplicating posts

When you utilise ContentCal, there are no limits as to how many calendars you can push content to. Content posts can also be duplicated from a main calendar and distributed into the other calendars quite simply. For example, if you were operating a head office calendar and multiple regional franchise calendars, the head office could produce content that the regional franchises could then duplicate into their own calendars.

How to duplicate a post

To do this, simply right click on a post, select duplicate post and select from the list the calendar(s) you would like to distribute to. This helps to create a consistent workflow across multiple channels where required.

Distributing content has never been easier

Ready to go ahead and start utilising the hub and spoke model for your business? Whether you’re an agency or a head office content producer, using calendars is a really simple way to create content.

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