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Creating ContentCal: Our Story

Blog Post Author – Alan
29th September 2016

The Challenge

Over the years we’ve seen social media evolve rapidly, and the importance of a strong social media presence is widely documented and understood. However, this mass appeal has presented new challenges:

  • More content is out there than ever before - which makes it increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition
  • Consumers are overwhelmed with choice and attention spans have decreased
  • Brands continue to struggle with the pace of change when it comes to creating quality work, distributing it and analysing performance

Over the past 5 years, marketing departments have shifted to brand publishers without realising it.

Whereas social media was once the preserve of a small siloed team, it is now increasingly an integrated part of business process involving multiple stakeholders - giving rise to new challenges surrounding collaboration, control and quality of content.

The idea

As a team, we are passionate about solving these challenges and making it simple for teams to create and deliver high quality social media content.

Social media marketing made simple

Teams at large brands and small business have started to realise they need a much more systemised approach to social media. The days of guessing how much content should be published and ‘filling gaps’ in social media and content schedules when we have nothing to write about should no longer exist.

Companies need to approach social media as if it were the gateway for potential customers to meet them for the first time.

Stop automating content and start crafting stories

Social Media Publication Platforms are great (well, we would say that), but whilst the common social media tools make it easier to publish messages across many platforms, they also encourage a lazy approach where quantity trumps quality.

On a mission to revolutionise the quality of content on social media

The saying goes, ‘Two heads are better than one’, and the fact remains that the best content is created by teams.

That’s why we built ContentCal - the first social media tool designed for teams. By placing collaboration at the heart of everything we do, we have identified the key to creating compelling content that cuts through the noise of the competition.

The Product


ABOVE: The first sketch for ContentCal

Countless ideas sessions, feedback meetings and team reviews have led us to launching ContentCal today and we are so excited to share with you what we have built.

As we enter this new phase, we want our users to utilise 80% of our features all the time -not settling for the standard 20% of our features 80% of the time.

Our product mission going forward is to make ContentCal the easiest product to sign up to and as simple to use as picking up a pen and paper to write down an idea.

We’ve got a fantastic team in place to make this happen, and this blog will be used to keep you updated with all key feature releases and announcements as we progress.

We look forward to sharing the journey with you along the way.

ContentCal Blog: A commitment to sharing best practice

Here on our blog we’ve decided to openly share the wealth of knowledge we’ve accumulated on building a successful social media content strategy.

We’ll break down the ‘who, what, where and whys’ around developing a follow-worthy social media presence and combine this with updates on exciting new ContentCal developments along the way.

Our blog will be full of hints and tips around:

  • Creating content pillars for your brand to help you communicate consistent editorial themes
  • How to plan social media and content calendars in advance and prevent being stuck for ideas
  • How to optimise processes and plans to make your social media efforts work harder for your business
  • Expose the ‘secrets’ of social media success for businesses

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