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Creating a content marketing workflow in agencies with multiple clients

Sophie Thompson
15th January 2021

Creating a content marketing workflow is one thing. But creating a content marketing workflow when you’re working across multiple clients in a potentially large-scale agency is enough to make anyone shudder.

Creating content typically becomes a more large-scale production, and involves copywriters, designers, marketers, UX teams, strategists, production managers and more - across a number of different projects at any one time.

When each piece of content already takes up to six hours to create, it’s more essential than ever to keep your processes efficient and streamlined.

How does a content marketing workflow typically look in an agency setting?

  1. Client brief
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Idea sign-off
  4. Assign roles
  5. Get creating!
  6. Internal feedback
  7. Client feedback (this can happen multiple times)
  8. Make edits
  9. Final sign off
  10. Publish and promote
  11. Measure its success

As you can see, the list is pretty extensive. And that’s without including the continuous back and forth between client and agency, which can quickly leave people out-of-the-loop and over-complicate the process far more than it needs to. Not to mention, this is just for one of your clients. If you’ve got four or five on the go at once...good luck.

In short, we’re saying that there is a much easier way to do things. We’re shocked too.

Collaboration needs to be key in any good agency environment, as you’re likely handling a number of clients and campaigns at any one time, and streamlining your processes is essential for staying on top of schedules.

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Why do I need a content marketing workflow if I'm in an agency?

The answer is simple. Agency settings traditionally have a certain chaos associated with them. But just because you’re handling more clients and different projects at the same time, that’s not to say things can’t be made as easy as if you were dealing with just the one.

How far in advance do I need to plan my content marketing workflow?

In an agency setting it can be quite difficult to plan things a lot time in advance, particularly if you have a lot of edits and sign-offs to be completed for each project.

In an ideal world, you’ll be able to have a topline plan organised a month in advance, and the timings can be adjusted as you go to simplify things.

By making simple switches, not only can you improve upon your current processes without too many changes to confuse people, but you’re probably going to be saving everyone time too.

So, here’s our formula for the perfect content marketing workflow in an agency, using ContentCal:

Client brief

To ensure transparency when a client brief arrives, putting it into ContentCal Articles allows the entire team to see, and be aligned on what’s being asked. It also means team members can leave comments if they have any feedback or aren’t sure on what something means.

Looking to do more for your clients? Our Agency Skills Diploma will show you how to take your marketing performance to the next level by integrating ContentCal in your daily working life.

Brainstorm and idea sign-off at the same time

Given that most of us are remote working at the moment, it’s become difficult to host the same standard of roundtable brainstorming you’d get from an office environment. Thankfully, if you’re remote, or even have teams in different locations or branches, everyone can still contribute, using Contributions.

By using a custom-made form, you can ask for ideas, see who has submitted ideas, and then quickly curate these into an easy-to-read plan, where internal and client sign off can happen within minutes, without the fuss of back-and-forth emails.

Creating content in an agency

Assign roles and create content seamlessly

Following the above steps alone are going to be game-changer when it comes down to business, because everyone will already be clearly aligned on their tasks, and due dates. If they’re working on something that can be done from within ContentCal too, e.g. social media posts or a blog posts, it also makes it easier to oversee what’s happening around the team at any time.

Receive feedback both internally and from clients quickly

Once all of your assets are in and ready to go in their assigned planning channels, all it takes is one click for it to be approved either internally or by your client. If there are any changes, they can be made instantly, and easily, ready for the next round of feedback. It seriously shortens the waiting time.

Publish and promote

Once that trust approve button has been hit, you can instantly publish your content using your calendar directly to social channels. As we’re integrated with Zapier too, there are hundreds of other platforms that connect directly to us, meaning you don’t have to go too far to publish and share your content to the world.

Measure its success

Keep the theme of transparency with your reporting, easily export all of the nitty gritty numbers and figures for your campaigns from every platform into PDF, which can be shared quickly amongst both the team and clients - all using ContentCal Analytics. The afternoons of putting individual numbers in a spreadsheet are long gone.

Now that was simpler, wasn’t it?


The key to any successful content marketing workflow within an agency environment is preparation. It not only keeps your entire team on the same page, but it also makes managing the workflow a lot easier, and you can expect far less hiccups, even when agency life can be unpredictable!

Try to plan as far in advance as is convenient, and remember that your plan isn’t set in stone - you can absolutely tweak it if you need to.

As far as staying on top of managing your workflow goes, transparency is the most important factor of keeping things running smoothly. Your entire team should be aligned on processes, deadlines, and guidelines - and you’ll be creating some seriously great campaigns and liaising with clients without the hassle.

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