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ContentCal's Custom Planning Channels - What are they good for?

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
8th January 2019
Custom Planning Channels

Well, well, well, Custom Planning Channels.

Custom Planning Channels are extra channels you can add to your ContentCal Calendar alongside Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These can be used to plan for any content you want whether it’s other social media channels or something else entirely.

If you wish to publish to sources outside of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you may be able to use our Zapier integration to publish this content from a Custom Planning Channel in ContentCal. Custom Planning Channels 5

How do I create a Custom Planning Channel?

Custom Planning Channels can be created within the Setup section of your Content Calendar. Simply head to the section named ‘Planning Channels’ and select ‘Create a Planning Channel’. Name your new Channel, choose an icon, and keep the ‘visible’ checkbox ticked for your new Channel to appear in your Calendar.

How can I use Custom Planning Channels?

Rather watch?

Transform ContentCal into a complete marketing hub

The ContentCal you know and love is for planning, creating, and publishing your social media content. But with Custom Planning Channels, you can plan for any content under the sun from Blogs to Emails, Snapchat to Pinterest. Keep all content in one united place, visible to all users of the Calendar.

Plan content for Facebook Groups

The ability to publish to Facebook Groups will be coming to ContentCal very soon. But until then, keep your Facebook Page content separate from your Group content by adding a Custom Planning Channel to your Content Calendar. Attach any media you like and even send for approval.

Reminder channels

Are you a fan of our Notes section? You’ll know that Notes are great for leaving reminders on particular dates. But if you’re looking to leave reminders that are a little more detailed (yet still date-specific), you might consider setting up a Custom Planning Channel to hold this information. Add your reminder to your ‘reminder channel’, attach any media, and enter your notes about hashtags, handles, or useful links.

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