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How to get digital marketing feedback from wider business teams

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
4th January 2021

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” - Henry Ford

Every department in your company has a designated function. But in completing that function, each department develops a really specific set of knowledge that is completely individual to your business.

Those in your Customer Service team not only know how to deal with queries, but also know the areas in which your customers (and potential customers) need to be educated the most, and what they’re most interested in when it comes to your product or service. Your Sales team knows how to sell, but they also understand what your customers are looking for when they first approach your company, and what the customers need to hear in order to push them from ‘interested’ to ‘invested’.

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As a result, marketing departments who don’t consult with or ask for digital marketing feedback from other areas of the business are really holding themselves back.

As marketers, we can see how ‘successful’ our content has been based on solid metrics such as site traffic, social media engagements, and more, but what we deem to be a successful approach to content and marketing might actually be just the tip of the iceberg. (See more: How to bring KPIs and objectives into your marketing plan)

By creating a more open and interactive relationship with the other departments in your company, and making room for team content collaboration, your marketing team will be able to adapt their content marketing strategy to pure perfection based on the specific expertise and insight from colleagues across the business.

Collecting feedback using ContentCal Contributions

Contributions allows you to create custom-made forms that can be sent to anyone in your team to fill in and submit content ideas, thoughts, or digital marketing feedback. Any submissions will be automatically added to your Content Hub Library for your marketing team to review and pick up later making team content collaboration simpler than ever.


Collecting feedback via meetings or instant messaging services like Slack can be tricky. Sometimes other departments might feel a bit ‘shy’ when asked to share ideas or give feedback if they’re not used to getting involved with the marketing activity, especially at first. While it can also be tricky to keep track of all incoming feedback and thoughts. Making use of ContentCal’s Contributions forms will make the process of collecting digital marketing feedback not only simpler for the marketing team, but also less-intimidating and easier for other departments who don’t have time to attend a marketing meeting in order to contribute their thoughts.

By making use of Contributions, you can easily give your team a voice to feedback on all marketing activity and strength the impact of your content.

For more information on using Contributions for content collaboration, have a read of this blog.

What to ask for feedback on and why


When involving other departments in your digital marketing activity and requesting digital marketing feedback, the first step is to consider how other departments will fit in with your current marketing processes. It’s well-known that ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ but neglecting to involve other departments in your content until you’re in the thick of the creation stage can come with it’s own heap of issues. While your Product/Services team might be best involved at a ‘reviewing content’ stage, other customer-facing teams might be needed for input at a much earlier stage. However, keep in mind that there is no right answer that can be applied to every business. Check in with your departments and ask which stage of the content creating process they feel their involvement would be best.

Social media campaigns

Your marketing team knows how to create engaging and interesting social content, but it’s other departments in your company that can provide additional insight on what your audience is really looking to gain by reading your content. For example, if you’re looking to promote a specific blog you’ve recently written, your Sales team might be able to provide further insight on which customer-type you should direct this to. Other departments in your company will also be able to give valuable feedback on activity such as social media competitions and polls to ensure you’re really hitting the mark as well as give you content ideas on what to focus on. After all, team content collaboration always leads to the very best content.

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Blog content

Your blog content will allow you to go into so much more detail about either a specific area of your product, explain your services in more detail, or educate and inform your audience about something topical or related to your industry. By requesting digital marketing feedback and content ideas from other teams, you can get a really clear picture on what your customers and target audience are interested in learning more about, and where the gaps in their knowledge are. Customer-facing teams such as Sales, Customer Success, and Customer Service will often find blog content useful as a resource to direct leads and customers to during conversation. As a result, only these teams will be able to say if your content is covering the information that actually needs to be covered.

Marketing videos

If your marketing department often makes video content, it’s worth checking with your Sales team and Customer Success team to see if your audience is really finding this content valuable. If potential leads are often being directed to more tutorial-type content hosted on your Youtube channel (or otherwise) then your Sales and Success teams will have a good idea on which formats customers/leads are finding the easiest to follow, and whether more videos are needed around a specific topic of interest. If your company is in the habit of sending video content to potential customers then it’s important they feedback to marketing to make sure that the video content is really answering the questions that they are most frequently being asked.

Email marketing

When it comes to email markeitng, it’s important to have a clear direction and goal for every email. By consulting with other departments in your company you can be sure that you are always leading your email with the most appropriate CTA that will benefit the company as a whole. Your customer-facing teams will be able to tell you about topics that have come up in conversation with customers and leads, while your Product team can tell you where your audience might be needing an update on any features or improvements. Your Customer Service team in particular could be invaluable in making sure your content is complimentary to the service your customers are currently being provided. For example, if a particular feature in your product currently has a bug, it’s important that Customer Service informs the marketing team so that they know not to include any content promoting this feature until the issue is resolved.

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Competitor research

Your Sales and Success teams in particular will be really helpful in directing marketing’s research into competitors. They’ll be able to tell you which competitors are cropping up in conversation with leads and customers as well as if there’s something a competitor provides that your service currently doesn’t. While improving your product or service as per feedback from your audience doesn’t necessarily sit with your marketing team, what marketing can do is create content to explain how what they do offer will help to achieve the same goals that your audience are looking to achieve, as well as explain why your product/service is still useful for the usecase they have in mind.

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