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Digital marketing in the public sector

Download our ebook to discover six digital marketing steps all public sector organisations should follow.

Blog Post Author – Andy
26th August 2021

Combining new techniques with traditional values

Public sector digital marketing has a unique set of nuances and needs that make it different to more traditional B2B digital marketing. As a result, it can be harder to find relevant resources, courses, and conferences that help public sector agencies improve their digital efforts.

To better support our Public Sector friends and customers, ContentCal has partnered with Public Sector Marketing Institute to create this ebook, sharing six digital marketing steps all public sector organisations should follow.

Social media serves not just your organisation, but also the public interest. You have a responsibility to leverage the channels to reach key audiences and deliver important messages. I challenge you, senior leaders and marketing and communications pros, to put the needs of the public ahead of your own personal bias or the reluctance around social media.

-Joanne Sweeney, Public Sector Marketing Pro

The ebook focuses on the six core goals of public interest messaging online

Six goals of digital public interest messaging

  1. Build public trust
  2. Generate engagement
  3. Motivate the public to take a specific action
  4. Communicate real-time public interest messages
  5. Manage online reputation
  6. Disrupt the spread of misinformation

A must-read for all marketing and communication professionals within the public sector, government and even not-for-profit organisations.

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