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What you can do with the Facebook Queue - Thanks ContentCal

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
18th December 2018
Facebook queue

Didn’t you hear? You can schedule content for Facebook in ContentCal and send it straight to your Facebook Page OR to Facebook Drafts.

Well isn’t that nifty

How do you send content to the Facebook Queue? Enable this option in the Setup area of your Content Calendar. Select the relevant tick-box within your Facebook post.

Why would I want to send content to the Facebook Queue? Well, there’s some things that simply aren’t possible via a third party tool like ContentCal (we know, it sucks). But if you send your content to the Facebook Queue, you don’t have to miss out on the glorious features available with native-only publishing.

Presenting, the joys of the Facebook Queue

For content with copy and/or an image

@ Mentions

Before you ask, @ mentioning is coming to ContentCal soon - but until then, you can @ mention other pages in your Facebook content by sending your posts to Facebook Drafts. Including @ mentions can be an effective way to make sure your content is seen by specific people, give credit, or solidify friendships you have with other brands.

Feelings and Location

Add ‘feelings’ to your Facebook content or tag your current location through Facebook Drafts. Make your content more interesting, and give your audience more information to engage with.

For video content

Tag people in your video

Give credit and make sure your video content is seen by those who matter.

Video tags

Help people discover your content by adding tags to your video such as ‘digital marketing’ or ‘social media’.

Check-in, or set date and time

Details are everything. Check in to a location, or add a time and date to your video. Give the context around your content.

If you’re mentioning a specific product in your video, you can make the process of purchasing all the more simple by including shoppable links and tagging the product in your content. The fewer steps your audience needs to take to make a purchase, the easier the sale becomes.

Subtitles and Captions

Adding subtitles and captions can make your content more accessible to a wider audience, as well as making it viewable without the sound on. Never underestimate the value of subtitles and captions.

Polls and thumbnails

Attaching a thumbnail can make your content look more polished and professional, while a poll encourages your audience to engage.

Tracking and distribution

Choose where your video will appear and who is able to watch or crosspost. Add tracking labels to help you manage and search for your video.

After it’s been scheduled...

Boost the post

Once your Facebook content has been added to the queue, you can then schedule this on Facebook. Once scheduled, you’ll then be able to continue tweaking and perfecting your content and eventually Boost the post. The act of sending your posts to the Facebook Queue creates the perfect bridge between ContentCal and your paid media strategy.

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