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How to fall in love with social media planning

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
10th December 2020

Do you dread the task of social media planning?

Does the thought of opening your spreadsheet content calendar make you queasy?

Don’t you just wish there were a way to make it easy?

Rhyming aside, social media planning can be tough; tougher than most non-marketing professional appreciate; and tougher still when your social media planning tools just aren’t up to snuff.

When planning your social media content it’s easy for things to get...awkward. If you’re working in a spreadsheet content calendar or similar, you’re likely to encounter issues with version control, unclear feedback, and lots of copy and pasting to rearrange the posts within your plan (sigh). It can be tricky to tell how you’re progressing, who’s responsible for what, whether something has been approved or published, and a number of other finicky annoyances.

Furthermore, as you’re no doubt working in several applications at once, it’s likely you’ll lose information, end up with a million open tabs, and experience a big old dose of what I like to call ‘brain scramble’. Not to mention the hours of wasted time on laborious content publishing, logging in and out of accounts and copy and pasting on repeat. Don’t even get me started on the challenges of remote working without an effective social media planning calendar.

Ay, caramba.

Meet our visual social media planning calendar

ContentCal is the perfect solution for social media marketers struggling with content planning. Our social media scheduling app comes with a visual and intuitive calendar view that is perfect for getting a bird’s eye view over all your upcoming content. It’s also ideal for those who find the task of content planning to be a little bit intimidating (we don’t blame you) by giving you the ability to draft your content slowly over time, only sending content for approval when you’re ready. (Read more about our custom Approval Workflows)


To help with organization, you can label your posts by content themes using our color-coded Category Tags to ensure that you have an equal spread of content topics across the coming weeks or months.

You can also drag and drop content to and from the Pinboard (a handy little storage area on the side of your Calendar), as well as drag and drop within the Calendar itself to quickly rearrange your content.

Want to check in on progress? All posts have neat colored ribbons to showcase their current state whether this be Draft, Pending Approval, Approved, or Published. This means that it’s super easy to see what content is good to go and which posts need more of your attention. You can also see at a glance which posts have been commented on so you’ll always read your feedback within the context of your posts.

How to publish a content calendar

Once your content is planned and approved, our social media calendar will take the admin out of your hands by automatically posting your social media channels at your chosen time and date. It’s no wonder that our customers report saving half a day per week on their social media management since switching to ContentCal.

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