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FAQs during your trial; Everything you need to know in one place

We've gathered together the top inquiries that crop up during the trials so you can spend more time enjoying the platform and less time looking for answers.

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
3rd September 2021

It can be tough to get to grips with a new social media management platform in 14 days; even one as simple and intuitive as ContentCal!

We've gathered together the top inquiries that crop up during the trials so you can spend more time enjoying the social media platform and less time looking for answers.

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Publishing to Instagram

We've done our best to make publishing to instagram as simple and clear as possible, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Due to the way that Instagram's API works, not all posts can be published automatically from the ContentCal web app, some posts (such as Stories and multi-image posts) will need to be published via the mobile app. If you'd like more information about anything related to Instagram publishing or connecting, the following docs will help.

Note: When connecting your Instagram account to ContentCal, you'll need to connect it via the Facebook Page that your Instagram account is connected to, again this is due to the way that the Instagram API works.

Using ContentCal on mobile

ContentCal has been carefully optimized for use on any mobile web browser allowing you to keep working on the move. You can even save the ContentCal mobile browser directly to your mobile home screen so you access it just like any other native mobile app.

Contributions can also be used via mobile to submit ideas to the Content Hub whenever inspiration strikes, and Web Clipper can be used to send links and articles to the Content Hub when browsing via mobile.

A common misconception is that ContentCal is inaccessible via a mobile device. This is because our mobile app (which is purely for publishing to Instagram) is often mistaken for an alternative to our web application. However, this doesn't mean that you can't use ContentCal via your mobile device.

Watch the video for a full look at using ContentCal via mobile:

Posts not publishing

The most common reasons for posts not publishing are:

  • Your post was a draft - if your post has a blue ribbon, this means it was a draft and would not be published. All posts need to be approved in order to publish (approved posts have a green ribbon). For more information on posting and approving content, have a read of this doc.
  • Your post failed because your channels weren't connected - you need to have your social channels connected in order for them to receive the content we send from ContentCal. If not connected, we have nowhere to send the content and you will receive a failed post notification. Your post would also appear with a red ribbon to show that it failed. You can connect your channels within the Publish area by going to 'Setup' in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Check out this doc for more information on managing your connections. If you're having trouble connecting your channels, we recommend reading this one instead.
  • The wrong channel was connected - your post may have been successfully published - but not to the social account that you had expected! If you have connected the wrong social media account to ContentCal in error, you can rectify this by heading back into 'Setup' within the Publish area.
  • Your post was a Tweet that began with an @ - keep in mind that Tweets beginning with @ tags will publish as replies and not appear on your main Twitter feed. This happens even if the tweet is posted natively. An easy way around this is to add a full stop or period in front of the @ (.@)

Still haven’t cracked it?

Check your failed post notification.

Whenever a post fails to publish to social media from ContentCal we'll send you a failed post notification which should come with an explanation as to why your post failed. If you're not sure what this means or would like your post-failure individually investigated, open the post within your Calendar and send us the URL via live chat. It'll only take our team a matter of minutes to look into this for you.

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