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Fixing Your Click Through Rate: Why it’s Important

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
14th February 2017
fixing your click through rate

You know what they always say, you can take a post to Facebook, but you can't make them click…

Okay, nobody actually says that.

They do say, however, that taking a horse to water is a hard, frustrating process and making people click through to your website can be the same.

A bad CTR prevents traffic entering your website and converting, losing your business money. A bad CTR can also hold your precious long-form content hostage, preventing you from educating your audience and ultimately building your brand.

Here at ContentCal, we’ve found time and time again that the moment our users improve their CTR (click through rate) is the moment that their websites and social channels really start building momentum.

In light of this, we had a look through our experience, their successes and good ol’ analytics to devise these 5 tips for improving click-throughs on your social media posts:

Be realistic

It can be easy to ask more from your social channels than you should be. A good way to benchmark your success is by using CTR industry guides.

After that, it’s important to sit your business down and ask some real questions. Is my product offering right for my audience? Am I really providing something different? Am I 100% sure I am even posting on the right social channel in the first place?

After you know that, you will be one step closer to making them click. Now onto your posts…

Be genuine

There is a reason research has found negative headlines perform considerably better than positives ones, and why even corporations like Coca-cola have conversational, casual tones on social media.

If you want your audience to be able to connect with you, you need to appear genuine and interesting. At dinner, would you rather sit next to the joker or the car salesman? Would you connect with the guy asking you questions or the one talking about himself all night?

Your brand voice alone may not surge your CTR alone, but sharing your messages in a conversational way may spark the conversations that do.

Keep it snappy

Humans are lazy, and the internet is drowning in content. The solution? SCANNING. Western humans generally read in F shapes, which means wherever possible.

  • Bullet points
  • Subtitles
  • Short sentences
  • And, clear call to actions are your friend.

When writing posts, engrave into your mind that most of your audience with only read the beginning and end of them. So if you have a point to get across, front-load your sentences and put your key points at the beginning. Wherever possible, keep wording short. and. sweet. to optimise clicks.

Be smart with visuals

As mentioned above, if you want to encourage fingers to click away from their fun social media to your website, it’s crucial to be authentic and the imagery you use can convey this a lot.

The nemesis of authenticity is stock photos. Instead of these, or drab product shots, opt for in-action imagery. When we see someone staring at us we tend to stare back, so if you can get these photos containing people, well...brownie points for you!

Finally, many don’t utilise the power of reinstating their call to action on their image, give this a go to push clicks (keeping in mind Facebook’s age-old under 20% text rule if boosting the post.)

Be analytical

It’s important to continuously keep an eye on the impact of your changes. If you aren’t a Google Analytics wiz, all channels now house analytics features of their own, pay them a visit and identify which of your new content is converting best.

If you are a Google Analytics wiz, pay attention to the influencers that are sending traffic to your website - their posts will be laced with clues about what your audience wants.

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