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Your Free Social Media Management Toolkit

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
22nd July 2020
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Looking to get started with a social media management toolkit? You're in the right place.

While there are hundreds of amazing social media management tools in the world, we’ve picked out some really great tools that are 100% free.

While many of the following options do have paid plans and the ability to upgrade, we understand that when you're getting started you don't want to pay the world!

So here are a few tools you can use to grow your social presence:


We'll start with what we know. ContentCal is the ultimate tool for planning social media content (yes, we are biased), and we have a free plan for people starting out on social media.

Our free plan allows for 1 user and 1 content calendar to plan and publish to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

With helpful features including channel notes, a post backlog (for storing notes or draft content), a monthly view, and placeholder posts, you've got everything you need to start building your social presence.

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Tweetdeck is Twitter’s tool for community management.

With the ability to separate your incoming Twitter activity into easy-to-manage streams, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on multiple hashtags, users, mentions, and phrases.

Plus, hosting or participating in a Twitter Chat becomes 10X easier with Tweetdeck. Its ability to keep the hashtag front and centre, while keeping an eye on mentions and relevant pages. Free Social Media Management 800

Landscape by Sprout Social

If you’re determined to make your social media presence a work of art, then this tool is for you. Landscape helps you create images for specific social channels by ensuring that your social media content won't be blurry or poorly cropped.


Whip up some social media graphics in the blink of an eye with design tool Canva. The tool is an easy way to create perfectly sized and impressive looking graphics. If you find yourself lacking in the design department, you can fake it til' you make it.

You can select your intended graphic type (whether that's a Facebok post, etc), then add layers of images, logos, or text. It becomes easy to create some company-branded graphics with little-to-no design skill.

Free Social Media Management 1

Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter is another tool for community management on Twitter. While TweetDeck focuses on engagement and organization, ManageFlitter lets follow or unfollow accounts en masse. Those of you who do this manually will understand just how boring this task is.

Although ManageFlitter’s free plan has some limitations, it allows you to set rules to categorise and separate your following before you start

How to create a social media toolkit

Now you've got the tools you need, here's how to put it all together as part of a winning social media toolkit.

Use a content calendar

First thing’s first - find a content calendar that works for you. Content calendars are invaluable to bring focus to your community plan.

With a content calendar, you’ll have a string of consistently great content, prepared in advance, and set to post at peak times of traffic.

It’ll also help you post a variety of content, and stick to your content marketing strategy.

ContentCal is just one example of a content calendar example that allows you to see all of your upcoming content mapped out in a visual calendar format in weekly and monthly view.

Map out key dates

Now you’ve been paired with the perfect calendar to help you master your content, you'll want to map out any key dates.

Are you hosting a webinar? Are you attending any events? By planning this content ahead, you’re maximizing your potential engagement as well as setting the bar for your brand.

social media monthly plan 2

Measure and improve

It's so important you assess the performance of your social media efforts at the end of the month. After all, there’s no point posting the same sort of content over and over again, only to wonder why your engagement never increases...

You'll want to post the types of post that do well more frequently. That's why it's important to ensure your social media posting toolpulls through social analytics so you can keep an eye on performance.

How to grow your business with a social media toolkit

The secret of social media growth is all about having consistency. You need to build a process for measuring and improving. Here's how to structure it:

1) Have a clear and goal-orientated plan for your social media content  2) Find your most engaged audience 3) Keep tabs on your performance every step of the way

Growing with specific goals

Setting specific goals is a crucial first step for growth.

Clearly define what you’re looking to achieve; whether it’s a rise in engagement, more followers, or just increased reach. Then set out a plan that will help you accomplish these goals.

Setting realistic goals will drive your social media efforts forward and give you the motivation to keep working towards your overall business goal.

We’d recommend mapping out your targets for the next 3-6 months. Every month, revisit your goals and see how you performed against the targets you laid out for yourself. If you can stick to the KPI’s you’ve created then you’ll be able to keep growth consistent, and your efforts focused. 

samsung galaxy on desk with paper

2) Find your audience

Social media is a powerful tool for getting people to know your brand. You’ll be interacting with existing customers (and creating loyalty), but you’ll also be trying to pique the interest of potential new customers.

We recommend developing an ideal customer persona. This will allow you to fully understand your perfect customer and exactly who you’re trying to reach.

Once you know your ideal persona, you can then work on creating content that will really strike a chord. It’s one thing to bring attention to your social media channels, but it’s all for nothing unless it’s coming from the right people. 

3) Examine performance every step of the way

Introducing fresh new ideas into your social media strategy is the way forward, but if you’re not planning your content or checking your results then you’re likely to miss opportunities to double down on what works well.

So here’s our golden rule...

If a new content theme is introduced and performs better than the average post, you should be developing this theme in the future or increase the frequency of this type of content. 

On the other hand, if content doesn’t seem to resonate with your audience, think about how you can improve this theme or whether you should scrap it altogether.

Check in on results, learn, and then optimize accordingly.  ! You could also try looking into two people at desks

Reach your social media goals with ContentCal

The importance of planning your content in advance is also directly related to quality.

Social media is not something that's ‘done on the fly’, although the odd ad hoc content around various trends can be great every now and again.

For the bulk of your content you need to be carefully crafting ahead of schedule, ready to be published later on in the week or month. Content you create on the spot tends to be rushed.

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