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Get people talking about YOUR social media campaign

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
8th August 2017
Your social media campaign

All brands want to be the ‘talk of the town’, as it were. You want every Tom, Dick and Harry to hear about your cool, fun products or services through the ever-elusive grapevine. With a little bit of TLC, your social channels can be a powerful driver of low-cost and far-reaching exposure for your business. Here’s how.


You can be a brand with great products, stand-out services and lots of potential as a business. But when it comes to social media, your success is defined by the engagement you receive and conversations you spark. Simply put, it’s your responsibility to get the ball rolling - engage with other people’s content, get involved in the relevant conversations and actively participate on social media daily.

But how can I get attention without looking needy?

Not Just a Brand

People will be more interested in what you have to say if you’re showing a more personal side - less faceless business, more approachable and relatable. Sharing more team content and interacting with followers on a person-to-person level are both great ways to show the human side to your business.

Gimme Attention

You want attention? Well, there’s no shame in asking for it. Let your followers know you’ve got something new and then ask for feedback, or give them a specific question to answer. Include creative calls to action that incentivise people to engage with your content.

Inspiration Not Imitation

The amount of attention you can attract is very limited if you’re doing exactly the same as every other business. Get your brightest minds on the case to create exciting and unique content that your followers will want to share.

Use the Influencers

Do a little digging and find some appropriate and popular influencers to get on board with your products or services. If you can get them shouting about your business (even if you need to grease the wheels to get there) you’ll see an enormous increase in the number of people chatting about your company online.

Less Self-Promo

While tempting, many businesses fall into the trap of making all of their content very promotion based. While the odd bit here and there is fine, you also need to give some value to your followers by sharing blogs and articles, and creating some genuine conversation.

Get it? Got it? Good.

You’ve got great content, you want to get your business’ name out there and, if you’re willing to take these tips on board, then there’s nothing holding you back from social media success.

Just don’t forget us when you’re all ‘social media famous’.

  Think we missed something? What things do you do to drum up a little more chatter around your content? Let us know on Twitter using the handle ContentCal_io

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