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Get Your Content Hacks

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
6th July 2017
Content Hacking

Yeah we know, you’ve heard it all before. Ooh look another solution to your social media marketing troubles. But don’t be so quick to judge, fellow internet user, Content Hacking is the perfect combination of Growth Hacking and Content Marketing that’s sure to bring you results.

Oh go on then, tell me the rest of the spiel...

So Growth Hacking is basically all about bringing in more traffic, reaching your target market, and getting their attention. Content Marketing, however, is the means by which you keep their attention. Done right, your audience will keep on coming back for another slice of your delicious creative content.

Presenting Content Hacking - AKA - The Dream Team Marketing Combo

So how can you get in on all this ‘content hacking’? Well, there’s a few things to keep in mind, and by a few, we mean 8, so we suggest you get comfortable.

Get the Headline Right

If your headline isn’t snappy, catchy, or even remotely interesting, then nobody is going to read beyond it. It’s the first thing the audience will see so make it good; be clever, don’t give too much away, and for the love of god don’t stoop to being click-baity.

Size isn't Everything, But it Helps

What would you rather click on? A quick blurb that doesn’t quite give you enough, or a long-form article that is actually interesting. It’s totally worth it to take a little extra time, sit back, and put some real effort into your content (and karma will reward you in the form of brilliant SEO).


We’re visual creatures, us humans, especially those of the millennial generation and younger. Let’s be honest here, sometimes it doesn’t matter how sassy and useful your writing is, people are going to be a lot more likely to read to the end if you’re dressing it up and making it look nice on the page.

Optimise Open Graph and Meta Tags

Open Graph data tells you the amount of HTML meta tags that are attached to your headers/pages. These will tell the social media pages what your content is about. By defining the title, thumbnail, or description when posting to social channels, your content is more likely to get correctly displayed and therefore seen by the right people (it’s not rocket science).

Use a Click-to-Tweet Plugin

Twitter is, of course, the King of witty one-liners. Make use of click-to-tweet plugins and catchy 140 character phrases from your own content will be easily retweetable for the readers. It’s a little step, but it’ll make a big difference in encouraging readers to share your content.


*Whispers the word ‘evergreen content*. Doesn’t it all seem a bit of a waste to put all this effort into one post if you’re only going to share it once? There’s no shame in continuing to repost until everyone and their cat has stumbled upon your content. If you’re creating successful evergreen material, it’s going to be valuable and interesting to your audience, so don’t be shy in spreading it around.

Stay Updated

It’s not just about making your content a work of brilliance the first time around; it’s key to maintain its usefulness. Revisit your content now and then and make sure the facts are still up-to date relevant. Your readers will shower you in link-backs.

Master the Call to Action

Your CTA is basically meant to be the friendly nudge at the end of your blog that encourages the reader to react to your writing. As what is arguably the second most important piece of writing, after your headline, it’s important to craft this carefully to make an impression.

Am I now set for success!?’s a start. You’ve got some lovely tricks now nestled up your sleeves. Content Marketing is definitely something that has the potential to really make a huge difference to your business, and could be the very thing that keeps a start-up afloat during the early days. This combined with Growth Hacking and...well, metaphorically speaking, your audience won’t be able to keep their hands off you. Make sure to have a solid content calendar plan in place too, to keep track of all your posts, content and what works.

Whaddaya reckon? Content Marketing and Growth Hacking - a winning combination no? Let us know which one is your favourite on Twitter using the handle @ContentCal_io

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