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How Gravity Force Manages Social Media with ContentCal

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
5th September 2017
Gravity Force 5

Trampoline park Gravity Force were quite literally jumping for joy when they discovered ContentCal. Luckily, we had the chance to sit these Tiggers down and have a chat to find out what they’re loving most about our content scheduling platform.  

Why did you choose ContentCal?

We came across ContentCal when we were searching for a tool to help us save time planning and scheduling social media posts. We were originally apprehensive, as no other social media management tools have worked for us in the past, but we quickly fell in love with the visual calendar layout of ContentCal.

What was your process for planning, creating, and publishing content before ContentCal?

We planned and scheduled all of our social content on the day, on an ad hoc basis. It took up a large amount of time and we struggled to plan our social media content far in advance.

How did you find getting started with ContentCal? Did you need to change how you worked?

We started planning each week of social content every Monday morning, which reduced our workload massively. ContentCal is super simple to use and we all got the grips with it pretty quickly. In no time at all we were collaborating and sharing ideas in platform, while enjoying our shared view of the week ahead. The ContentCal team were also great for helping us out whenever we had any questions.

What are the features do you find most useful?

We love being able to view all content and schedule everything in one place, and it’s saved a lot of time for the team. Having the ability to bank our ideas within the platform is also one of our favourite aspects as it makes sure none of our ideas about future content get lost or forgotten.

What have you achieved by using ContentCal?

Our biggest achievement using ContentCal is time-saving. We can also get more of our team easily involved using the approval workflow process.

How would you define the kind of person that would benefit from ContentCal most?

The whole team has benefited from using ContentCal, but our social following would also thank us for giving them better content to view!

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

We are 10/10 likely to recommend ContentCal to a friend or colleague.

You heard that? 10 out 10. That’s like 10 high fives...10 first-pumps...10 pats on the back.

We’d love to thank Gravity Force for their thoughts on ContentCal and we hope you continue to enjoy your experience. Less time for social media planning means more time for bouncing.  

You wanna piece of this? Gravity Force loves ContentCal, and maybe you will too. Let us know what you’re looking for in a social media tool on Twitter using @ContentCal_io

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