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Is your Halloween Campaign a Trick or a Treat?

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
25th October 2017
Halloween social media campaign

Everybody loves a gimmick. And with Halloween just around the corner, there are 3 S’s on our minds in particular; spiders, skeletons, and social media.

Tell us, do you hear that mysterious knocking on the door in the dead of night? Well it’s not a trick or treater; it’s the truth. That ‘brilliantly spooky’ idea you’ve been sitting on for your Halloween campaign? It probably sucks (get it?)

We’re sorry to tell you, but when you decide to get involved with seasonal content, originality tends to go flying out the window. Luckily, your pal ContentCal has collated the very best of Halloween social media campaigns to give you a little inspiration.

All you gotta do is turn off the lights and say ‘ContentCal’ three times.

  Kelloggs’ Rice Krispie Scares

Way back in 2013, Kelloggs showed true brilliance with their tricking and treating vending machines. With a real person hidden within, unsuspecting members of the public approached the vending machine in the hopes of getting a free Kelloggs Rice Krispie Square, only to be grabbed instead. The jumps and squeaks of the public went viral in no time (we also really appreciated the square-scare pun).

**’s Haunted Hotels** []( hit the nail on the head when they released their haunted hotels campaign featuring some of the scariest locations to spend the night (if you dare). Playing on the classic haunted house concept while also creating a challenge, really brought the fun factor with this one. **Rei’s Zombie Survival Kit** Outdoor recreation retails company, [Rei]( had a stroke of genius for their Halloween campaign of 2013. Entitled, ‘Zombie Survival Gear’, Rei showcased how their products could be used in fighting or flighting from hungry brain eating enemies. Sounds like it’s worth a look doesn’t it? [Scheduling and planning content and social media]( was really key to their success. **Simple Make-Up Remover** Practicality is also a great route to go down for Halloween. [Simple]( saw an opportunity to help make-up clad individuals clear their faces of the black eyes, fake blood, and paint, and bring everyone back to their human state in time for Monday. _**Pretty ‘spooktacular’ right? What are you planning for your Halloween campaign this year? Let us know over on Twitter at @ContentCal\_io**_

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