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How to collaborate on content ideas in an agency

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
19th February 2021

Working in an agency can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s fast-paced, it requires you to learn on-the-job and can allow you to work with many different brands at a time.

Collaboration within an agency is key - all the cogs need to work in tandem for your clients to get the best experience possible and for you to see results from your hard work.

Let’s discuss the ways to unify your agency and bring the different teams together to ensure success, along with some brilliant content agency tools to see you through.

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Pros and cons of agency environments

Working in an agency gives you access to multiple clients, tapping into a variety of brands and industries. You can develop your skills, learn about different areas of marketing, and work side-by-side with other individuals in your field.

Bringing a group of professionals together into one room can make for some impressive content discussions. Every day is exciting and challenging and you can be a part of something incredibly rewarding.

It’s fast-paced and a high-pressure environment, so you have to have your wits about you. Juggling many projects at a time and developing client relationships is the key to success, which many marketers thrive off, although it can be overwhelming at times.

As collaborative as agency life can be, it can also create a lone wolf attitude, with employees vying to prove themselves in order to move up the ranks. To foster a fulfilling, collaborative environment within your agency, you need to encourage teams and individuals to work together for the greater good.

Investing in content agency tools that make life easier for your team and help to keep them in control of the immense workload they’re faced with should be an integral part of your strategy.

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Agency vs in-house

When working for an agency compared to an in-house marketing team, the content you create will have different focuses and objectives.

While in-house teams will take care of mostly hygiene content, along with pushing the brand forward on a business level, agencies will tap into hygiene, hub, and hero content monthly to have the maximum impact for their clients. You may be engaged in numerous campaigns, expected to constantly think of new ideas and create those ‘wow’ moments for your clients, which isn’t feasible if you’re expected to do it alone. That’s why collaboration is so important within an agency.

While in-house teams will focus solely on their brand and be fully engulfed in it, agencies are required to switch their focus at the drop of a hat, giving their all to a specific client when needed, while sticking to the agreed hours. It’s a taxing balancing act.

To ensure your team can keep this laser-like focus while switching between clients, you need a content tool that will keep everything organized and your team in the loop.

Teamwork makes the dream work

During your time at an agency, you’ll be faced with many teams you’ll need to work with quickly and efficiently. From the new business team to graphic designers, PPC specialists, SEO experts, and sales executives, it’s paramount that your content agency tools make processes streamlined and effective.

Furthermore, clients will likely want to sign-off any work that you create, so having a process that allows this to be smooth, yet unobtrusive, is key.

If you’re looking for further advice on perfecting your internal processes, check out our blog on organizing your team with marketing workflows.

ContentCal for agencies

ContentCal is one of the content agency tools that can provide teams with a single place to communicate and plan. Shared Calendars for each client allow you to work simultaneously while keeping all of the content separate and categorized. Flick through your client’s Calendars swiftly, keeping an eye on day-to-day content, plus campaigns for the month and year.

With the Calendar View, your content publishing workflow is simple, easy to understand, and editable, giving you an overview of what’s going on, as well as allowing you to make changes quickly and efficiently. You can also set specific User Permissions to allow users access to only certain parts of the calendar making it ideal for agency life.

Your clients can even approve your content production schedule, meaning fewer emails and shared drives, and more time to create amazing content. With a simple user-interface and plenty of help available from our onboarding team, your team and your clients will feel at home with ContentCal within moments - your only wish will be that you’d jumped at the chance sooner.

As well as viewing your content schedule, marketers, copywriters, designers, and account managers can view and store other materials, such as newsletters, blogs, and even overarching campaigns, so everyone can see exactly what’s in the plan for each client. Planning and creating long-form content, in particular, is simple thanks to the Articles tab.

With the Contributions feature, you can create custom forms to gather knowledge and insight from across the agency, including new ideas, improvements, and feedback. It’s an easy way to encourage communication and feed information into the marketing executives.

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Three key steps to ensuring successful collaboration in an agency

  • Frequent brainstorms - it’s imperative that teams come together weekly, if possible, to ensure that everyone is on the same page and can feel as though their ideas and opinions are being heard. ContentCal allows for visibility of the work required for each client, cutting out the need for catch-ups, explanations, and round-ups. Instead, you can dive straight into content creation, using content ideation tools, or harnessing your team’s ideas.
  • Content agency tools - say goodbye to numerous emails, shared drives, folders, and wasting time in meetings. A tool like ContentCal can streamline your workflow, and enable teams to work together seamlessly to deliver the ultimate strategy for your clients.
  • Experienced collaborative agencies are all on the same page, so it’s important that your team members know the goals they’re working towards and what success looks like. As well as knowing your specific role and responsibilities, you’re also aware of what the wider team is trying to achieve, and have access to agency content tools that allow you to track your progress.


Working in an agency is rewarding and fulfilling, but spinning so many plates at once can leave marketers feeling overwhelmed, and teams incapable of effective communication.

With a tool like ContentCal under your belt, your team can become collaborative, organized, and feel motivated to keep driving forward for your clients.

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