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How to connect Mailchimp and ContentCal

Blog Post Author – Andy
8th March 2021

Here's an overview of how to connect ContentCal to Mailchimp to help create, collaborate with teams on and approve email content, before it is automatically sent to Mailchimp.

Configuring email setup within ContentCal

  1. Go into ‘setup’ in the top-right of ContentCal and scroll down to ‘Planning Channels’


  1. Create a new Planning Channel called ‘Email’ and select the ‘Rich text’ option that allows you to create long-form content

  2. Return to the content calendar and underneath your core social content, you now have a row for email

This is really powerful for building multi-channel campaigns within ContentCal.

Now, you're no longer limited to social media, you can build all your content in one central calendar.

You can take advantage of all of the usual collaborative features of ContentCal, like team ideation through the Content Hub, managing compliance through Approval Workflows, gaining team input, and visualizing content in one central, shared calendar.

It's a far more streamlined alternative to Google Docs, or the similar system you might be using, as all content ideas, plans and publishing lives in one place.

Setting up Mailchimp with ContentCal

Now that ContentCal is configured, you need to set the content to be sent to Mailchimp automatically.

Go to Integrations and select ‘Access ContentCal on Zapier.’

This will take you to Zapier, a tool you can use to connect ContentCal and Mailchimp (as well as thousands of other apps).

Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 12.20.47

  1. Within Zapier, search for Mailchimp
  2. Choose the option ‘Triggers’ initiate the action, and the ‘Action’ is what happens as a result.

This video guide will take you through the Zapier setup process -

A key point to note in this setup is that ContentCal will not coordinate the sending of the email - it will take the content you've created, approved and collaborated on in ContentCal and send it to your drafts in Mailchimp.

The final configuration of details such as audience still needs to be actioned manually before you can send the email.

You’ll now be able to streamline your email marketing workflow, as well as plan, create, collaborate and approve content from within ContentCal. Your final email will be sent straight to Mailchimp, ready for you to hit send.

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