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How to create a social media strategy for business; everything you need to know to get started

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
5th June 2018
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So, you wanna know how to create a social media marketing strategy for business? Bravo we say.

Making the wise decision to bring your brand online is a fabulous idea and one that is sure to create an increase in prospects, leads, and sales - or at least, if done correctly. But with an educated and well-thought social media strategy, you can pretty much bet your buck that you're on the right path for company growth and increased revenue.

So, how to create a social media strategy for business; listen closely, boys and girls


A great place to start is taking a look at what your competitors are doing or even just those in a similar industry. Look for patterns in the tone of voice, the type of content they share (videos, gifs, etc), how often they are posting, etc. Take note of how much engagement they receive on their content too, and learn from their successes (or failures).

While we don’t definitely don’t recommend that you start copying or stealing the content or ideas of others - you should definitely be ‘keeping your enemies close’ as it were. Check on them regularly for inspiration.

Know your audience

If there’s one thing you need to keep in mind at all times it’s your audience. You might begin this process with instant big and bright ideas about what you want your brand to say and show, but if it’s not something that your target market will go for… then it’s essentially just a waste of your time.

If you haven’t carried out proper research on your ideal customer persona, then we suggest you get started on this pronto. From here onwards, take a look at what your ideal customers are up to on social media. Who are they following, what content do they enjoy, where do they engage? Use this research to inform your efforts. how to create a social media strategy for business 10

Promo no-no

When you begin to think about how to create a social media marketing strategy for business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of creating promotional content only. But what you should really be striving for is 20% promo content, and 80% other content.

Be honest now, would you really follow a brand if all they talked about was how great their products or service were? Because we probably wouldn’t. Does your audience really gain any value from hearing about how great you are on repeat? Once in a while is fine, but if your channels are all promo your followers are going to start pressing the 'unfollow' button.

Use your imagination to create the ultimate content creation strategy

It’s great to give your business a presence on social media, but if you’re not putting any creativity into your content, then you’re unlikely to see any results when it comes to your content creation strategy. Use your research on the competition to see if there are any gaps in the market as far as content creation goes; maybe you could try video content or more engaging content such as polls or Twitter Chats. Be wise with your decisions to ensure you're not going off brand, but a little creativity will help to set your business apart from the crowd.

Beat the papers

A great way to strive for follower growth is to be the first to spread exciting news, as soon as it breaks. Stay aware of industry events and create relevant content as soon as you get the scoop. If you’re consistently one of the first businesses to be talking about any news or events in the industry, then new followers will flock to your social channels to stay up to date. If done well, you could even create a reputation as being a great source for incoming news. As a result, news sharing is definitely something to incorporate when you're looking at how to create a social media strategy for business. how to create a social media strategy for business 11

Carrying on from our last point, not only is it great to spread news as and when it breaks, but you should definitely be getting involved with trending content and topics in general. By getting involved with trends, you expose company to more conversations and opportunities to be seen. If you include a trending hashtag in your content, Twitter users will be more likely to view your content and engage with your company.

Essentially, take the opportunity to create more conversations and connect with your audience. You can even prepare content in advance when it comes to future trending topics such as Easter Sunday or Valentine’s Day.

Be a planner

When it comes to your social media strategy, quality is important. And how you do achieve high quality content? By giving yourself time to think and prepare.

You should always be planning social in advance, whether you’re preparing a week or a month at a time. While it’s fine to post the odd bit of ad hoc reactive content, the majority of your posts should be planned and created in advance. Not only will planning your content ensure that your content themes are evenly spread out over the month/week, but it’ll stop your content becoming repetitive, boring, and rushed. Not to mention the amount of stress you’ll put yourself under if you plan to tackle it day by day.  

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