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How to create the perfect campaign template for your client

Make use of our editable template that is ready to use immediately and can be tailored to meet the needs of your individual clients

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
27th May 2021

Adding a simple and effective level of structure to campaign planning maximizes the value, effectiveness, and creativity of your client’s social media marketing campaigns. It also ensures everyone is on the same page and fully informed throughout the process.

Introducing something as simple as a marketing campaign template ensures you’re keeping things on track, answering all of the most important questions, and launching objective-led campaigns that deliver results.

And to make things really easy, we’ve created this editable template for you that is ready to use immediately, or can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your agency and/or clients.

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agency campaign template

The importance of campaign plans

Marketing campaigns require you to think about lots of things at once, so it pays to work to a specific plan that covers everything and is accessible to your entire team.

Once your team has collaborated with clients on the overall message, budget, cost per lead, target audience, primary channels, content formats, expected results and measurement, you can input all of that information into the planning template to form a fully comprehensive campaign overview. Creative ideas and concepts can then be added in here too, and you can keep checking back in to see how the campaign is performing against its targets.

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How to use our template

Begin by listing all of the business objectives of your client to make sure your campaigns are contributing to these goals.

Agency campaign template 2

Next, list the specific objectives you hope to deliver with the campaigns you will run. Make sure these are specific and ideally focused on quantitative targets.

Agency campaign template 3

Now for the fun bit! Take your team and brainstorm some campaign ideas. We’d recommend scheduling at least two hours to do this, so you have time to listen to all the ideas that are put forward and explore each one.

List out the ideas, taking care to ensure they contribute to at least one of the campaign objectives.

Split your list into 3 (or more) categories, one for each marketing objective. Add your campaign ideas and assess how likely they are to achieve the targets.

Agency campaign template 4

Rank the ideas in order of effectiveness, and give them an individual target.

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If you’re not sure how to judge which campaigns will be effective, use previous campaigns as a benchmark and lean on the channels you know work well for your client.

Alternatively, you can take an educated guess based on the following information…

  1. Data from previous campaigns or similar case studies you’ve heard about
  2. Other campaigns/content/news the target audience resonates with (a quick survey could be helpful here)
  3. A plan to learn as you go - if it’s a quick, simple and budget friendly idea, it’s probably worth a try! The sooner you can launch and get results, the better.

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