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What you should be posting on Instagram to boost your following (and what to avoid)

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
22nd May 2018
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With visual content constantly on the rise, it’s no wonder so many people are asking how to get followers on Instagram.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a photographic genius, a business looking to raise brand awareness, or just an average Joe looking to share some memories online; if it’s follower growth you’re seeking then ContentCal’s got the skinny.

Let’s talk: How to get followers on Instagram

Perfect your profile

Your profile is the last thing people see before they commit to click the ‘follow’ button. As a result, your focus should be on making your profile a place with attractive, high quality, bright images, that not only look great individually, but also work well on the page together. Avoid images with too much copy, badly lit photography, or blurry and poor-quality photography.

While the quality of your social media marketing content should always be top priority, it’s also important to keep your bio filled in and up-to-date, include a link to your website or some other fun content, add a profile picture, etc. Do everything you can to make your page look active and enticing, not excluding the basics. Having a complete and attractive Instagram page is our first tip for those asking how to get followers on Instagram. how to get followers on Instagram 10

Share great content

Again, content should be your number 1 focus here - having a great content calendar plan, knowing when and what to post is top of the list. But while quality comes first, frequency, consistency, and variety come next on the list. It’s not all about your Instagram feed either, as regularly posting to Instagram Stories can also get your profile filling up with new followers lured in by the variety of content on offer.

While Instagram posts can be viewed via the explore page, so can Instagram stories, and here lies the opportunity to entice more followers. You can even save the best of your Instagram stories to the Highlight function on your Instagram profile and keep them it to reel in the newbies.

Keep it consistent

While you need to be posting regularly to keep your followers interested and finding value in following your account, it’s also worth looking into the optimum times for posting. Some recommend posting on a Sunday afternoon as this is one of the least popular times for uploading – meaning that your content has less competition and more visibility. Others suggest posting at the best times for your audience; whether this means uploading around commuting times, in the evening, during lunch breaks, etc. how to get followers on Instagram 11

The little touches

On a more practical level, don’t forget to add hashtags to your posts or to your Instagram stories. Both will result in increased visibility as those following hashtags will get to see your brilliant content. And if they like what they see? Bingo; that’s how to get more followers on Instagram.

Additionally, it’s great to add locations to your posts and stories and tag people whenever possible. Both will contribute to helping your content and profile get noticed. Try to take this into account when planning social.

Start conversations

One thing to remember about any of the best social media platforms is that you really do get what you give. If you’re not following other pages, engaging with the content of others, or being generous with your likes, then you’re unlikely to get much in return.

While it’s not the best mind-set to start following random pages purely in the hopes that they’ll follow you back, if you’re searching for similar accounts, people with similar interests, or anyone who you’re interested in following yourself, then you’re more likely to gain followers who actually care about your content. how to get followers on Instagram 12

If you’re already ticking the boxes for all of the above points, but are still asking the question “How to get followers on Instagram” you might consider boosting a few of your posts. If you have an Instagram Business Account you can boost an existing post to be seen by a specific demographic. For example, if your business is located in Shoreditch London, you might boost a post to be seen by those living in Shoreditch London. Use the best image and caption you can and then watch the engagement and follower growth come rolling in. You can also learn to tweak these ads as you go to get the best results from specific targeting.

But as Instagram becomes more and more saturated with the same old stuff, from the same old crowd, we’re starting to wonder just how repetitive Instagram can really get.

Here’s just 4 Instagram posts that we think might be coming up to retirement

Pet pictures

There you are, smiling at the camera, furry cat under one arm. Little do your followers know, this picture took a total of 20 minutes to take, complete with 5 bite marks, 2 scratches, and 3 muttered swear words (from you, not the cat). Did you need to bribe your animal with copious amounts of treats to look semi-happy? Probably. Did they refuse to let you touch them for 6 hours afterwards? Yup.

Gym selfie

We’re all for body positivity, looking after yourselves, and being proud of what you got. But taking a picture every single time you visit the gym just seems a little unnecessary. There you are, sucking in the gut, flexing those arms and abs as hard as humanly possible, and twisting your body in such a way that even a Kardashian might get jealous. But that’s a total of 20 - 40 minutes you’ve just wasted when you could have been working out. Think before you ‘gram - that’s all we’re saying.

Hot dogs or legs?

Want to casually brag without it seeming like a brag? It’s pretty simple; just post a picture of your legs with the caption “hotdogs or legs”. Hint: it’s always legs and never a hot dog. Bonus hint: Don’t even say hotdogs as a joke or someone will get offended.

The expensive gift

We gotta hand it to you, if we received a £1000,000 watch we’d probably gloat about it on social media too. But if you’re going a bit overkill and using your material possessions to reel in the likes, then are you really enjoying your new purchase for what it is, or what it represents i.e. status, wealth, privilege? Also, let’s be honest, how long can you keep this going before somebody robs your house?

And there you have it; that's how to get followers on Instagram. What’s your best tip for growing an Instagram following? Let us know over on Twitter at @ContentCal_io

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