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The end of the content ideation struggle; How to get ideas from your team and take pressure off your marketing department

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
5th November 2020

Van Gough had his sunflowers, Leonardo Da Vinci had the Mona Lisa, and Michaelangelo had the Sistine Chapel.

But where is an un-inspired marketer to turn to for their muse?

I know from personal experience that having a business (or even multiple businesses) relying on you to churn out content ideas day in day out can be draining; not to mention near-impossible.

I can’t imagine I’m the only marketer who’s stared at an empty content calendar for 20 minutes or more, willing for inspiration to fall out of the sky. Nor that I’m the only person who’s leaned on a few colleagues, in the hopes that a content-related conversation will trigger a eureka moment.

But really, when we stop and think about it, why must we put so much pressure on our marketers to come up with all of the content ideas?

Just because somebody works in Sales, or Tech, or even HR, doesn’t mean that they’re not secretly sitting on some wonderful ideas. After all, they’re as much a part of the company as you are, and they’re likely to bring a fresh perspective to the table.

We recently carried out some research to see if like me, today’s marketers are struggling with the task of content ideation, and whether they’ve been successful in mustering support from their wider team or clients.

Here’s what we found…

A large portion of survey respondents had a similar experience to me, with 73%* saying that they felt personally under pressure to come up with content ideas. As a result, it appears that a number of businesses are putting content ideation solely into the hands of their marketers, without an outlet for brainstorming sessions or idea-sharing.

Furthermore, 83%* of respondents confirmed that they found it hard to keep coming up with new ideas supporting the idea that marketers need more input from their colleagues in order to ‘grease the wheels’ of their imagination.

When it comes to collaboration and the contribution of content ideas and suggestions from their team, the majority of marketers also admitted to finding this difficult with 60% reporting that it was hard to engage different teams to contribute content, while a whopping 83%* reported that it was hard to collect ideas from multiple teams in the business.

From this, we can infer that marketers are not only finding it hard to persuade their team to contribute content but that they may not have the tools available in order to easily collect and store this information when it comes.

The Solution - Introducing Contributions

Contributions is a brand new feature we’ve introduced in response to the ideation struggle. Contributions allows you to create custom forms that can then be sent out to your team or clients via a sharable link to submit content ideas, inspiration, or any media that you might want to use in your content. Once submitted, all of these contributions will be appear in your Content Hub Library, ready and waiting for whenever you need them.

Contributions tab

Contributions not only makes it simple to gather and store ideas from your team but also allows your colleagues to feel more at ease when coming forward with ideas as they can do so via form submission, rather than needing to start a direct conversation with somebody in the marketing department. There’s even the option to make submissions anonymous if it’ll help your team to feel more confident in submitting their thoughts.

contributions form

Contributions is available for all Custom / Enterprise plans at an additional cost. If you would like to discuss your options please get in touch at

If you’d like to find out more, check out our support docs here.

*Data acquired via survey, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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