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How to get the most out of your ContentCal free trial

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
7th May 2019

Well well well, just signed up for your free ContentCal trial?

We're here to walk you through some of ContentCal's most glorious features to ensure you get the most from your ContentCal trial and our social media manager app.

And after your trial finishes? You're more than welcome to stay. Check out our pricing page to find the right plan for you.

1. Connect your social media channels

ContentCal is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Once connected to your social media accounts, ContentCal will be able to auto-publish content directly to your channels.

Select 'Setup' from within your Calendar, and then 'connect' to link to your social media accounts.

Note: When connecting to Facebook make sure to give ContentCal access to ALL of your Pages - not just the one you want to connect to this Calendar. This will ensure that we have all the access we need to publish on your behalf. ContentCal free trial 3

2. Invite your team

The best content is made together so invite your team and get creating and collaborating, planning social together is key. Our built-in approvals will allow content to be signed off by the appropriate members of your team to ensure that your content is nothing short of perfect.

From the Dashboard, select 'Manage People' and then 'Invite People'.

Once the invitation has been accepted, head to the ‘Members + Approvals’ section within your Calendar to define their user permissions.

3. Create a draft post

Draft posts are just that - drafts. These will not publish to your social media channels. To create a draft post, hover over the Calendar and click to ‘+ New Post’. Once ready, select ‘Add Post’.

Your post will look a little something like this... ContentCal free trial 4 (The blue ribbon indicates that this is a draft)

If you want another member of the team to approve this post, you'll need to press the aeroplane icon to send it for approval (this will send an email alert to those who can approve). To approve the post yourself, select the tick.

(Can’t approve or send for approval? Check your user permissions)

4. Duplicate a post

The 'Duplicate post’ function allows you to create a copy of your post.

To duplicate a post, click on an existing post, select 'More', and then 'Duplicate Post'. ContentCal free trial 5

5. Use the Pinboard

The Pinboard sits on the left-hand side of your Calendar and can be used to store information, ideas, or drafted content. If you can't see your Pinboard, it may be minimised. Press the '...' option beside the List View selector to de-minimise the Pinboard. ContentCal's pinboard makes it unique as a Hootsuite alternative. ContentCal free trial 6

To add a post to the Pinboard, simply drag and drop an existing post from the Calendar to the Pinboard.

6. Create a Campaign

Under the ‘Campaigns’ tab in ContentCal lies the ability to create folders to store assets, notes, and useful information. With shared visibility across your team, and campaign ribbons in the Calendar view, these folders contribute to the planning and organisation of social media campaigns.

Head into the ‘Campaigns’ section within your Calendar and select ‘+ New Campaign’. The start date and end date will dictate where this Campaign appears in your Calendar.

7. Create Category Tags

Category tags are amazing for keeping your content organized.

From within the Calendar, go to 'Setup' and then scroll down to create your Category Tags. When creating a post in the future, you can select a Category Tag to attach to your post. ContentCal free trial 7

8. Create a Planning Channel

Although ContentCal enables you to plan and schedule your social media content, our Custom Planning Channels enable you to plan for any content you want from blogs to newsletters.

Head to the 'Setup' section within your Calendar, scroll down to the Planning Channel section, and create a new channel from here. ContentCal free trial 8

9. Take a look at List View

Some people like to view their content in a Calendar, and some prefer a list. Whatever your preference, we'd recommend giving both options a try. List view comes with its own individual perks such as bulk actions where you can 'send all drafts for approval' or 'approve all content'. ContentCal free trial 9

We make it easy to find the content you’re looking for. Filter your Calendar to find posts based on Category Tags, post creator, post state (approved, pending, etc) and more. Looking for a really specific post? Type some of the post copy into the Search bar. ContentCal free trial 10

11. Analyse your performance

Social media is constantly evolving, so it’s important to reflect on content performance to continue learning and improving.

With ContentCal Analytics, you can see exactly how your posts have been performing over a selected period of time with visual charts and graphs. You can view this information per social network or take a look at your overall results. ContentCal free trial 11

You'll need to publish a few posts before you start seeing results in your Analytics. Then you can see how building a social business really is simpler than you think with ContentCal.. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Have a question about ContentCal? Get in touch at or use the Live Chat within your account

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