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How to get verified on Instagram (it's not as easy as it sounds)

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
7th August 2018
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The blue tick of Instagram verification has become synonymous with success – but how to get verified on Instagram in the first place you ask? Well, unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as filling out a form and receiving the instant validation that comes alongside the prestigious symbol. Here’s the lowdown on what we know about how to get verified on Instagram from us here at ContentCal .

What exactly is Instagram verification and why do we all want it so badly?

Instagram verification is when Instagram itself confirms the authenticity of a brand, business, or celebrity that it represents. They do this, because these accounts have a high likelihood of being impersonated and by being verified, people can find the genuine profiles they want to follow far more easily. So in short, many feel that by being verified, their brand and status is legitimised more publically. There are also a lot os social media management apps around celebrites are joining.

Who can get verified?

Many wrongly make the assumption that verification is only for the elite. However, upon closer inspection you may notice that there are actually plenty of accounts who have followers well into the hundreds of thousands, but don’t have that infamous blue seal-of-approval next to their name. On the flip side, there are also many profiles with only a few hundred followers who do. Well, for whatever the reason may be, Instagram says that “only some public figures, celebrities and brands have verified badges."

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So, how to get verified on Instagram?

If you’re hoping to get clued up on what you can do to cooperate with Instagram’s algorithm to earn a verification badge, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s believed that the elusive verification badge can only be personally awarded by individual moderators at Instagram. These moderators are thought to actually go looking for accounts that they can verify so there’s no specific action you can undertake to request verification or draw attention to your profile.

While it might seem logical to strive for a vast following and an active account, these attributes are actually not necessary at all for Instagram verification. The very purpose of Instagram verification is to improve user experience and help people find the brands and people they want to follow more easily. As a result, those with a large following elsewhere (such as Youtube) may be needing Instagram verification as opposed to someone who’s audience is purely Instagram based. Someone with a huge Instagram presence would probably be pretty easy to find and would not require a verification badge.

Another key reason for verification is to avoid impersonation. Therefore, if you position your account in a situation where it is likely to become impersonated, it’s very probable that Instagram will mark your page as verified. If someone was to search for your name or brand, ideally you won’t be the first option on the list. Contrary to what you might expect, keeping a low profile on Instagram may actually help you get the verification you crave.

And finally, numerous articles online even suggest a correlation with the involvement of digital agencies / publicists and how to get verified on Instagram. So what exactly can they do that we as an individual can’t? Well, according to Forbes, they have access to a digital portal which allows them to make verification requests on your behalf. They’ll then hear back from Instagram a few days later. There is still no guarantee that this will work for you or your business of course, but if you are really keen to get that tick, then it may well be worth a try. how to get verified on instagram 4

So in short...

Basically, Instagram verification is a slippery thing to grab and a social media plan needs to be put in place. If you’ve got connections that you think might help, then by all means use them. But above all else, we’d suggest that you focus on growing your presence outside of Instagram on other social media platforms (you can still keep your Insta nurtured) and use social media tools to understand whats best for you, then wait for verification to come to you.

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