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How to include Pinterest in your marketing strategy

With over 444 million people using Pinterest, it is actually the fourth most popular social media app. Here's how to get involved.

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
11th January 2022

Pinterest is like Instagram’s older cousin. Beloved by a majority female audience, the platform is great for all things visual discovery.

With over 444 million people using Pinterest in the US alone, it may come as a surprise to some that Pinterest is actually one of the top 5 most popular social media app alongside Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Despite sometimes being overlooked as a social media marketing tool, Pinterest is actually home to a huge userbase just waiting to be tapped into.

Why should you include Pinterest in your marketing strategy?

As well as granting you access to a large audience that could be beneficial to your business, Pinterest also comes with huge SEO benefits. By putting a little extra thought into your profile, board names, and your pins in general, you could drive significant traffic to your Pinterest page, and from here to your website by adding destination URLs to your Pins.

There’s even an opportunity to get involved with e-commerce using Pinterest’s buyable pins feature which allows users to shop and purchase products without leaving the app.

Is Pinterest the right platform for your business?

Before any time or energy is wasted on trying to make Pinterest work for you, let’s take a minute to assess whether Pinterest really is the right platform for your business. While a finger in every jar is great for those who have the time and resources, smaller businesses will find that sticking to a smaller number of social channels that best reach their target market to be a more effective approach to social media marketing.

Questions to ask yourself before getting started:

  • Is our target audience using Pinterest?

Pinterest’s audience consists of 77% women, while research suggests that 8 in 10 mothers are Pinterest users. In terms of age, 32% of 18-29-year-olds are Pinterest users, as well as 34% of 30-49-year-olds, and 38% of those aged 50-54. Pinterest’s most engaged users are also those with a degree or those earning more than $75,000 a year.

  • Is our content appropriate for Pinterest?

Pinterest is a very visual platform, so it’s important to consider whether you have the skills and/resources to consistently create the high-quality visual content that is needed. It’s also important to consider whether the subject matter of your content will appeal to Pinterest’s audience. Currently, statistics indicate that food, travel, health, and beauty are Pinterest’s most searched topics. Other popular (but less-so) topics include eco--friendly habit ideas, finding balance in life, and transforming homes into offices and gyms, responsible travel, everything space, and a return of the 90s. While Pinterest success isn’t exclusive to businesses in the travel, food, beauty, or health industry, it’s still wise to consider whether your content will be able to compete against these other content themes, or whether there’s any way you can pivot your content to align with these popular categories.

It’s worth noting that Pinterest can work for both B2B and B2C companies. After all, Pinterest is a place for people to discover new things that can aid in all areas of their lives whether it’s work or play. The only real difference is that B2B companies may not have a physical product to represent visually but even so, this doesn’t make Pinterest a lost cause. Infographics, for example, have become very popular on Pinterest in recent years, which is definitely something that a lot of B2B companies in particular will find simple to create. You can also use screen shots of digital products, or visuals to show success of the services you offer.

For inspiration of companies (B2B and B2C) doing well on Pinterest right now, check out the following brands who are certainly making their mark:

Getting started: What to post and when?

When to post

The best time to post on Pinterest in 2022 is Fridays and Saturdays between 8pm - 11pm. Because Pinterest has a very different audience demographic and use case, its peak hours are not the same as most social media channels, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Get more insight into the best times to post on social media in 2022 across all channels.

What to post

To find out what is trending on Pinterest now, check out


Infographics are very popular on Pinterest, and a great way to provide your audience with useful and pinnable information in a visual format.

Blog posts

Re-using your content marketing efforts on Pinterest is a great way to get more eyes on your content. Share your blog using a relevant image and link back to the post on your site.


Download your regular newsletter content as a png or jpeg and collate them in a Pinterest board for all to see. You can also link to your newsletter subscription page from here.

Your team

Allow your audience to see the faces behind your brand by creating a board filled with headshots of your wonderful employees.

Case studies

Pinterest could provide a good opportunity to gather together your customer stories, or even a board of quotes about your company that could help to reel in new customers.


You might consider creating a ‘What it's like to work at x’ Pinterest board to show all of the best bits about your company and its employees with team pictures, social activities, and other office perks to aid in recruitment.

Hacks or tips

Pinterest is first and foremost, a place where people go to discover new things. If you have any industry-relevant hacks, tips, or advice that you can share then this is a good place to start.

Pictures of your product

Whether it’s digital or tangible, there is always a way to visually show your product. Doing so will not only make your audience feel more familiar (and therefore more comfortable) with your product but will also create intrigue for new potential customers.

Bonus: How to post

ContentCal is now fully integrated with Pinterest for automated publishing. Watch the video and find out how you can use ContentCal to plan, create, and publish all of your Pinterest content.

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