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How to Manage Negative Social Media Comments

Sophie Thompson
2nd July 2020

No matter your industry or level of social expertise, everyone comes across negativity on their pages every now and then. Whether it's a complaint, disagreement with what you've posted or simply trolling, knowing how to handle it is key when it comes to how people perceive your brand.

So, how should you handle negativity on your page?

negative comment info. Credit: Digital Giants

According to DigitalGiants, it's all about transparency.

Don't delete comments, see them as growth opportunities

When faced with a negativity comment on any social media platform, it's first and foremost, most important to take a screenshot. Not only does it serve as evidence, but it can be used in any future examples for training purposes. If the comment needs escalating, it's also easier to share with colleagues or follow up on.

While it can be tempting to delete negative comments all together, by seeing social media monitoring as a growth opportunity, you can give other people looking at your response a more positive impression of how you handle situations. Plus, what have you got to hide?

Of course, if something comes across as trolling, you can use your own judgement to decide whether it should be deleted without warranting a response.

Don't delay!

As soon as you see a comment, aim to reply and take action as soon as possible. It makes it look like you care, and will help resolve a potentially heated situation.

With platforms such as Facebook, you can also add badges to your profile if you're deemed to have a good response time. You should aim for around one hour after the comment was posted.

Keep your cool

If faced with a difficult customer, it can be difficult to keep a cool head - we get it. But remove yourself from the situation and remember, anything brand-related is not personal!

Take the time to re-read what you've written before you reply, and clear up any language or phrases that could potentially be taken the wrong way.

With comments, you're also exposed to the masses, not just the person you're responding to!

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