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The ultimate strategy for using LinkedIn as a business

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
30th July 2020
how to use LinkedIn for business

Remember back in 2016 when LinkedIn was just a social media platform for ‘boring’ company updates and creating an online CV? Well, times have changed. Here's how to use LinkedIn as a business...

giphy LinkedIn in 2020 is booming, yes, booming. Their algorithm is anything but a mystery, they’ve got their own publishing platform (LinkedIn Pulse) and in 2017 they introduced video content too. It’s safe to say they’ve seen a massive increase in activity over the last year in particular and there’s no signs of slowing down yet.

However, when it comes to using LinkedIn as a part of your social media marketing for your brand, it’s not all black and white. There’s a few tricks and tips that’ll really help you make a difference when it comes to increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and sharing company updates (that receive more than a tumbleweed response).

Here we go, how to use LinkedIn as a business or brand

Tip #1 - Keep things human

While you should definitely set up a Company Page, for the sake of giving your brand credibility and providing a place to refer to for Company news and announcements, you shouldn’t be disappointed if you struggle to generate too much engagement on your content.

Nowadays, LinkedIn is all about the faces behind the brands and it’s more effective to share content from the LinkedIn page of your CEO or other members of the team to engage your target market. People like to see posts from a 1st person perspective, and they enjoy inspirational / motivational content about professional journeys and personal achievements in particular. Publishing content from a personal profile as opposed to a company page is how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Tip #2 - Use LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s very own publishing platform. Essentially it’s a space for posting long form blog-like content directly to LinkedIn that’ll publish just like an update, landing in the newsfeed's of your connections. The power behind LinkedIn Pulse lies in convenience - any articles shared here are ready to read. You don’t need to leave LinkedIn, click on a link and be led elsewhere, or take extra steps to continue reading something that’s caught your eye.

Tip #3 - Get involved with LinkedIn groups

Just like on Facebook, groups are experiencing a big boost in popularity. LinkedIn groups are filled with enthusiastic professionals looking to debate and discuss industry specific news and topics. As a result, getting involved with a few LinkedIn groups could be revolutionary when it comes to business growth. B2B companies in particular can really benefit from an awareness of industry-relevant LinkedIn groups, and leaping on any opportunities to talk about their products / services or offer their expertise. If your company publishes regular blog content, a LinkedIn group would be the perfect place to post this content too, as you’ll be sharing relevant content directly to your target market. how to use LinkedIn as a business 4

Tip #4 - Make friends with the algorithm

Unlike other social channels, LinkedIn is pretty transparent about how their algorithm works, and familiarising yourself with the LinkedIn algorithm is (obviously) going to guide you in constructing your content to get the maximum engagement and reach. In general, if you want your LinkedIn content to be favoured by the algorithm then you should focus on making it valuable to those looking to build a career, give advice relating to business growth, give work related inspiration, be relevant to your industry, and post from a credible source (again, your CEO will probably be the best person for this).

Tip #5 - Consider Showcase pages

Showcase pages are kind of like miniature company pages that link to your main business page. For example, if you’re a company that runs a specific annual event alongside your other services, you might consider creating a showcase page around that specific event. Those who might like to see updates about this event, but aren’t too fussed about keeping up to date with your company in general, might prefer to follow your showcase page to only receive updates about the area they’re interested in.

Tip #6 - Don’t ignore your analytics

This goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. You’ve got to - no - MUST - be checking in on your [analytics](/platform-features/solutions/analytics/"ContentCal analytics blog") regularly to identify which of your LinkedIn content is performing the most successfully. Doing so will indicate which content you should keep creating, where a change in tactics may be needed and how to develop a content calendar plan, to scale up whats performing. If you want to know how to use LinkedIn to its full potential, the answer lies in your social media analytics.

Tip #7 - Advertise

Because LinkedIn holds so much information about people and their specific job roles, interests, and professional history, it’s incredibly easy to create LinkedIn ads that’ll go directly to your target market. You can be 100% certain that your ads will be hitting the relevant audience every time. Why pass that up?

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