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How to use YouTube for business

YouTube has nearly two billion users, which is nearly half of everyone who uses the internet - and is a marketing platform you should be utilising.

Sophie Thompson
16th February 2022

YouTube has nearly two billion users, which is nearly half of everyone who uses the internet. From viral cat videos to groundbreaking political movements, there's something for everyone on there too - making it the perfect place for your brand to leave its mark.

Every other social media platform is prioritizing video in its algorithms, so why aren't you prioritizing the original video platform too? Over one billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every single day, and videos from ten years ago are still racking up a lot of views, making it a free, time-proof way of creating content.

Who uses YouTube?

YouTube is available in 80 languages, opening new doors for audiences to reach your content. Something worth bearing in mind though is that 70% of users are on mobile, so keep your content as small-screen friendly as possible bearing in mind factors such as accessibility (subtitles) and length.

When it comes to age, because of the vast breadth of content out there, you can really target whoever you like. A large group of YouTube users, however, are millennials (generally defined as people born between 1981 and 1996).

Why should you use YouTube as a business?


Despite its age and popularity, YouTube is still relatively untapped by many businesses. The good news is that a business account is completely free to create and upload to.

According to recent studies, the majority of marketers state that video is the primary form of media used in their content strategy, further evidence of how powerful this type of content can be.

By posting to YouTube, just some of the rewards for your brand can include:

  • Increased exposure
  • Generation of leads and conversions
  • Increased website traffic
  • Drive authority
  • Generation of sales

How to set up a YouTube business account

1.Sign in to YouTube via your Google account

2.Go to your user icon in the top right-hand corner

3.Select ‘Create a channel’

4.Use the ‘Business or other name’ option

5.Input your business’ name and details

Once you've taken these basic steps, play around with channel art, descriptions, links...and most importantly, start posting.

How to use YouTube to market your business

These are some of the key steps to get the most from your content on YouTube:


For a YouTube channel to be successful you’ll need to upload content on a regular basis in order to build a following and keep people interested. This may include uploading on a certain day of the week so your audience knows when to expect new content. If this sounds like a lot of content to produce, the easiest way to do this is to block out a day in your diary solely committed to shooting content - that way you'll have enough to keep you going for a while, and it's likely to all follow a similar aesthetic that can then easily become recognizable to your audience as your brand.


Putting out content is great, but to get the most value from it, consider your overall marketing objectives and where you could send your audience after watching your video. If you're looking to reach more people, try a subscribe CTA, or if you're looking for leads, maybe it's putting a link to a free trial in the description. Be clear about what you want and weave it in naturally.

Build a community

The best social media platforms are based on being social! Reply to comments, like, and share other videos to show off a more human side to your brand.

Be open to collaborating

Many of the biggest channels got to where they are by collaborating with others! By creating content with other YouTubers that you can both share to your channels, you're exposing yourselves to each other's communities.

Create playlists

Once you've built up a good number of videos, categorizing not only helps your audience find what they're looking for, but they're also more likely to watch one video after another, boosting your views.

Stay topical

Although you may not want to serve as a source of news, weaving topical developments in your industry or the world, in general, will help gain more traction on your videos and set you apart as a voice of authority. Look at Google Trends to see what people are searching for that day or week to help you build a roster of ideas and know which keywords to use when marketing your video.

Be design-friendly

Thumbnails that stand out are key to a user when they search for something and decide which video to watch. Adding text or stills from the video that will grab their attention will make you a more likely choice.

The best brands to subscribe to on YouTube


Not only do LEGO have millions of adult and child subscribers alike, but they regularly run Youtube campaigns encouraging their followers to share their own content, which they then reshare to their audience. People love seeing their own content reposted by their favorite brands and is a great way of drawing fans closer into your community.


Share A Coke campaign is probably one of the most successful marketing campaigns any brand has come up with - and it started primarily on YouTube! Their positive, uplifting content highlights their new commercials from around the world, as well as mini web series of Coca-Cola takeovers at festivals and other activations. They also collaborate with other large YouTubers to increase their brand's awareness in a natural, entertaining way that doesn't feel like advertising.


BMW is so great on YouTube because they've found their niche and ran with it. Their audience of car obsessives knows that their channel is the place to go for expert-led car reviews they can trust, demos of new models, and help guides for existing cars. This forms a vital part of their marketing funnel and not only brings in new customers but retains the loyalty of existing ones.


GoPro's brand account on YouTube relies heavily on user-generated content, building a community of adrenaline junkies who provide them with free, high-quality content that helps their product to sell itself. Winning!

When you bring all of these elements together, YouTube is a great channel to add to your content marketing strategy. Not only are you creating a video that can open you up to a whole new audience, but the audio, quotes, and smaller segments of that footage can be reused and repurposed over and over again. Every marketer knows the difficulty of coming up with new and original content, and you can reap the rewards from just one post.

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