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Create an interactive content calendar with Airtable and ContentCal

Discover how Airtable and ContentCal work together to create the perfect interactive content calendar.

Blog Post Author – Andy
13th April 2021

Airtable is like a super-charged spreadsheet, offering users the familiar experience of a spreadsheet, combined with collaborative features akin to project management tools.

This combination of features allows users to create a more interactive spreadsheet and flexibility of Airtable gives it a wider, multi-purpose usibilty, making it a good content marketing tool.

Content marketing can be a challenge to organize, with the involvement of many stakeholders and multiple steps from copywriting and reviewing, to approving workflows and [publishing social media content]("publishing social media content").

Airtable has the ability to to add some structure to the content marketing process and plans, and Airtable works well as a content calendar.

The challenge

Airtable represents a significant advantage over a typical Excel and Google Spreadsheet in terms of customization and team collaboration, but doesn't go as far as providing an end-to-end experience.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Airtable doesn’t natively integrate with the platforms content gets published on, so it's neccessary to manually move content from Airtable to social media channels for publishing platforms.
  2. Airtable is good for managing a list of tasks, but has limitations when with displaying copy and images for posts you create.

Creating a structure for your content marketing calendar

Airtable is fine if you’re looking to create a content calendar of content marketing ‘tasks’, each with a status. However, once you come to creating the copy and images for each task, Airtable needs an additional tool to complement the process.

Airtable screenshot 1

This screenshot shows a content calendar, with the content marketing tasks to be completed. This is ideal for tracking the status of activity and having a top-level overview of where everything is at.

However, it is best to avoid creating actual content within Airtable -  there are better tools for that. Airtable, is mainly there to give a visual picture of activity status.

This is where ContentCal comes in...

After creating a high-level plan in Airtable, it's more efficient to use purpose built content creation tools for the delivery tasks. Using the example above, here's how to send the ‘Headline’ and ‘Subheadline’ information to ContentCal.

ContentCal works brilliantly as a tool to create content, manage team approvals, auto-publish posts, and analyze results.

Zapier is needed for the integration connect Airtable and ContentCal.

This video walks you through how to set this up.

Your perfect content marketing workflow

Once the details of tasks from Airtable have been sent to ContentCal, your team can develop content, collaborate with each other and other departments, request approval, automatically publish, and analyze social media results. Giving you a well-coordinated and well-structured content marketing process, from ideation to delivery.

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