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We've only gone and done it...Introducing ContentCal Analytics

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
29th January 2018
ContentCal Analytics 8

One of our most long-awaited, and popular feature requests is finally here. And we can hardly wait to show you the ropes.

Is it even possible to over-use the confetti celebration emoji!? Because now would be an appropriate time.

Filter by calendar, social channel, and date

Make use of the filters at the top of the Analytics page to select which content you would like to see. If you have multiple content and social calendars, you’ll be able to select which one you’d like to view. You’ll also be able to select whether you’d like to see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn content. Finally, select whether you’d like to view content from the last day, last week, or last 30 days.   ContentCal Analytics 4

A broad overview

You’ll notice that at the top of the page there will be an overview section allowing you to take a quick and easy look at the overall performance of your content. For more details and information regarding key metrics for each social channel, scroll down to look at your individual posts.   ContentCal Analytics 2

View top performing

You may notice that some of your content is labelled as ‘top performing’. This essentially means what it says on the tin as this content has been marked as particularly successful. If you scroll to the top of the page you’ll be able to filter your content to show only your top performing content, if you wish. ContentCal Analytics 1

Re-use the best bits

Of course, when analysing your content, you may get the urge to re-share the best of your content. As a result, we’ve given you the option to click the ‘re-use post’ button from within ContentCal Social Media Analytics, allowing you to duplicate your content across calendars, channels, and dates, just like when you re-use content from your content calendar.

We all the know the best content is made when you plan and collaborate. But it’s also important to look back on your content performance to see which content is most enjoyed by your following. We’re pleased to be able to give our users an overview of their core performance, allowing them to assess, improve, and continue to create amazing content.

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