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Introducing The ContentCal Skills Diploma

Blog Post Author – Andy
29th July 2021

We’ve always seen great results from using educational content in our marketing and launched the ContentCal Academy as a result. Now we are now using the learnings we’ve gained to help upskill ContentCal customers on our product and the wider art of content marketing best practice.

A big part of our ContentCal marketing strategy is based on educational content. Most of our organic traffic and leads are driven through educational material such as webinars, guides, and white papers. We actually have some great tips on how to create educational content that converts here. Our move in this direction isn’t just down to commercial reasons; while the educational approach serves us well, we are also acutely aware of the increasing digital skills gap globally and want to use our platform to support the industry.

Whilst there’s no shortage of free, quality educational material available, like Facebook Blueprint, LinkedIn Courses and Google Digital Garage, they tend to give a somewhat biased outlook on the world of online marketing and advertising and so we launched the ContentCal Academy! We assembled a group of well-respected industry experts with specialisms in subjects like Google Analytics, LinkedIn Advertising, and Content Strategy to give a truly balanced view of the world of marketing, through a series of online short courses. You can check out the ContentCal Academy here where all of the courses are free and available for you to complete in your own time.

We are now excited to launch the next phase of the Academy, which involves our product-based accreditation course.

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Note: Are you a marketing agency? We've since launched an agency specific ContentCal accreditation course known as the Agency Skills Diploma. Enroll for free now!

Introducing… The ContentCal Skills Diploma

In response to customers asking for an optional self-serve approach to training that could be carried out across a flexible timescale and a way for managers to validate that their teams have participated, we’ve created a short online course that teaches all the skills a ContentCal user needs to make the most of our social media content calendar and maximize content marketing results.

The ContentCal Skills Diploma simultaneously provides product education and a best-practice approach to content marketing in general.

The course consists of nine modules that encapsulate the content marketing lifecycle from ideation, planning, and collaboration, all the way through to social media analytics and community management, providing a rounded view for content marketers of all levels. Each module also includes a practical demonstration of a relevant ContentCal feature.

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To help validate understanding, each module has a set number of multiple-choice questions attached, for participants to answer before moving on. Upon successful completion of the course, a graduation pack is mailed to every participant, with a certificate to show off their ContentCal skills. Knowing that ContentCal users really want to learn about and make the most of the platform means a lot to us as a company and it’s our pleasure to reward this achievement.

Sign up for the ContentCal Skills Diploma hereand you’ll be receiving your own graduate pack before you know it. Don’t forget to share your certificate on social and tag us so that we can congratulate you!

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