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Introducing Our New Name and Brand

Blog Post Author – Lawrence
5th December 2016
ContentCal new brand hero

Content Calendr has come a long way since it’s birth. With the support and feedback of our client base, we have managed to shape and scale up the product to one that people love to use. One that people log into everyday and rely on for managing their social media content.

As we grew and matured, something emerged that we were really keen to address. Almost everyone - both internal and clients - were calling the product ‘ContentCal’. We found that the name 'Content Calendr' caused confusion for people, which doesn't make the best first impression (plus, it was beginning to get frustrating saying "calendar, but without the a"). So, from today, we are proud to announce a name change and, more importantly, the next chapter in our business.

We are now ContentCal, and we have a new brand that’s more grown up and meaningful.

Out with the old, in with the new

It's fair to say that our old logo was pretty generic - more of an icon than a distinct logo. It wasn’t memorable and couldn't really be used in any other way than as a static logo. We needed something much more dynamic, flexible and alive. Something that felt balanced and enabling.

Our new logo was born from one of ContentCal's core components - the Approval Flows UI. In it’s simplest form, the graphic consists of multiple dots on an axis.


With some tweaks to its form, the graphic could morph into a line chart or a process circle. The concept started to feel as though it encapsulated some of the qualities we were after: flexible, dynamic and something that felt ‘together’. It was a starting block for further explorations...


Our final logo represents the 4 core steps in ContentCal's offering: Planning, Creation, Social Media Publishing and Social Media Analytics. As social media experts, we understand this as a continual process to generate great results.  


We decided to launch the re-brand alongside version 3.0 of the product. A major change in the product’s business model is that, now, any business across the globe can sign up to the platform directly without the enquiry, demo and managed setup process that was previously required.

Shipping the product and brand updates now also sets us up for a great start to 2017, where our concentration will be focused on rapid growth and new product features.

Welcome to ContentCal.

Contentcal logo
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