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Key Dates to Add to Your Social Calendar in 2021

Sophie Thompson
9th December 2020

Every team gets stuck for content ideas every now and again. After all, we can’t all be genius content creating machines for 24 hours of the day.

A great way to fill up your content calendar is to hop on some trending events to give your business a voice on the latest buzz about the web.

Now, we can’t tell you who’s going to win the next World Cup, or whatever drama is yet to happen in the world of politics (wasn't 2020 enough?), but we can give you the scoop when it comes to holidays and key events in 2021.

Keep on top of upcoming events from Love Your Pet Day(February 20th), to International Coffee Day (Everyday! Just kidding, it’s October 1st).

Planning those social posts in advance gives you more time to put together powerful content that cuts through the noise of everyone else looking to piggy-back the date.

That sounds far better than your team rushing off a few social posts, doesn't it?

Start prepping now by downloading our key dates Calendar for 2021

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