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How LeoVegas achieved results 3 times higher than the industry average, with ContentCal

31st March 2021

*Jacob Reid, Organic Social Media Manager at LeoVegas, shares his experience of gaining success through organic social media strategies - and the role ContentCal played.

Watch Jacob’s 4-minute video overview here, or read on for his summary.*

As the industry leader in mobile gaming, LeoVegas is committed to creating incredible online experiences for its customers, both visually and experientially. As the brand’s Organic Social Media Manager, it's my job to make sure our social content showcases the high standards of the mobile casino app and its sports channels - while securing engagement from a target audience.

The challenge

I originally joined the LeoVegas group to look after Organic Social Media for one of its sub-brands, Royal Panda.

With no existing social media strategy in place, the only way I could create, control, publish and track the amount of content needed, was by implementing an end-to-end planning and publishing tool. I also needed to find a way to make the social strategy really collaborative, and keep the wider marketing team up to date on social content and campaigns.

Rolling out ContentCal was one of the first initiatives I put in place.

The initial success we saw with Royal Panada’s organic social media was exactly what we wanted to see across the entire LeoVegas group, so my remit was quickly extended to cover all of the Leo Vegas brands. I now needed to source and publish social media content for all markets (UK, Europe, North America and South America) and channels.

Why ContentCal?

The team originally used Google Sheets to create and share content topics, then used Facebook’s back end system to schedule the posts. This approach did the job in the short term, but was admin heavy, time consuming and unscalable. We needed a flexible way to keep in touch with customers via social channels and share regular content for our audience to enjoy.

Having previously used Sprinklr and similar tools - I knew those platforms didn’t have the full suite of features Royal Panda needed.

After hearing about ContentCal, and sitting a 45 minute personalised demo, I took a closer look at the tool with a free trial and knew the platform would be perfect. The elements of ContentCal that really stood out to me include:

  • Simplicity of the platform - it’s really user friendly
  • It makes a noticeable difference from day one, so it’s easy to get the team excited about using it
  • All content can be pre-planned in advance, we now work at least a month ahead
  • It allows for unlimited content production, the sky really is the limit

As ContentCal is so user friendly I’ve also been able to train our content writers and other members of the marketing team to use the platform, meaning we can keep all content in one central location that anyone can access (with permission of course) and of course ContentCal brilliant content calendar, which is easy to use and visual!

The results

The numbers really do speak for themselves when it comes to what we’ve achieved:

  • 4.5k followers in 10 months
  • Average engagement rate of 16%
  • Average click through rate of of 3%
  • All of which are over 3 times the industry average

The way we work as a content team has also improved as a result of ContentCal:

  • We’re more efficient
  • We're more organized
  • We’re producing a minimum of 6-7 posts per channel - a huge increase on last year.

The future

Now that our organic social media strategy is planned out and in place, we’ll keep monitoring, scaling and improving.

We have just launched LeoVegas into 14 markets as part of our new social media strategy, and continue to add more brands from our portfolio, such as Pink Casino, GOGO Casino, and many more. We are really striving to show the entertainment factor of our brands throughout our channels, a challenge I am really enjoying.

As our content publication continues to become more streamlined, thanks to platforms like ContentCal, we will focus our attention on ensuring our channels stand out, and add value to our players.

I’m also working closely with the ContentCal team to try out new features that will help build engagement, improve customer service and streamline the way we communicate with our social media audience.

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