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Meet ContentCal 2.0 🦋

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
20th October 2019
ContentCal v2 hero

We want to save you as much time as possible creating and publishing content.

That's why we've released a joyous bundle of features to make content creation & sharing faster and simpler than ever before.

Let’s take a deeper dive into our V2 update…  

Web Clipper 🦋

Thanks to Web Clipper, it’s now easier than ever to curate interesting and relevant content for your social media calendar

When you’re browsing the web, you can easily save links to articles directly to your Pinboard or Library within Content Hub (more on that later…) The content will be ready and waiting for when you come back to ContentCal.

If you’re looking to collaborate, Web Clipper makes it super easy for the entire team to contribute ideas and articles to be used in the Calendar, without even needing to head into ContentCal. 

This is available for Chrome, Edge, and Brave (Firefox coming soon). Web Clipper 4

How to use Web Clipper

  1. Install the extension here
  2. Whenever you want to save something to ContentCal, simply select the ContentCal extension from your navigation bar
  3. Enter the details for your post and select to either 'Add to Library' or 'Add to Pinboard'. If you choose a channel at this stage your post will be added to the Pinboard. If you choose not to select a channel your post will be added to the Library (within Content Hub). 

Read the help doc web clipper gif contentcal

Notebook 🦋 

Notebook is a new place for content, tucked away at the top of your Calendar. 

Use Notebook to store your to-do lists, ideas, or briefs on a Calendar-wide basis. These are visible and editable to everyone in your team. 

You can also choose to share your Notebook with clients, but that’s up to you. The default is to keep it hidden.

Notebook is the perfect place for keeping track of random bits of information that don’t really fit in other parts of your Calendar. 

This space is also great for keeping your team aligned on your overall social media and content plans, so they’re thinking about longer-term goals during the day-to-day.  notebook ContentCal 2.0

How to use Notebook

Notebook is at the top of your Calendar, next to the Calendar switcher.

  1. Click the ‘Edit’ button to add to your Notebook, 
  2. Add some text
  3. Press ‘Save’ once you’re done
  4. If you want clients to be able to view this area, be sure to select the ‘Clients can see this too’ checkbox. 

Read the help doc notebook-gif

Content Hub 🦋 

Content Hub is a brand new home for all of your content.

Keep past and future posts in one location, so they’re easy to re-use and add to your Calendar. 

Use the Library area to create template posts, put together an image library, or just draft your content outside of the calendar, so you don’t have to add a channel or publish date right away.

Content Hub lets you... 1) Create and store as many posts as you like 2) Keep track of previous posts that you may want to re-use 3) Discover more content from RSS Feeds and search (coming soon). Content Hub ContentCal 2.0

How to use Content Hub

  1. Head to the ‘Content Hub’ tab located in the top right of your Calendar. 
  2. To add posts to Content Hub, select the ‘+ Add Content’ button in the top right. 
  3. Add as much or as little information to your post as you like, and then hit ‘+ Add Content’ again to save the post. This post will now appear in your Library. 
  4. To add this post to your Pinboard or Calendar, select the ‘+ Use Content’ button on the post. 
  5. To edit the original post, select the dropdown arrow and choose to ‘Edit original content’. 
  6. You can also make use of the ‘Previous Posts’ area. Simply select the ‘+ Re-use post’ button on any post to add this back into your content plan

Read the help doc content hub gif contentcal

Snippets 🦋 

Save commonly used phrases or hashtags as a Snippet, ready to be entered into any post in just 2 clicks. 

This is perfect for content creators who use some of their copy on repeat, or for those who want to bulk-enter hashtags.

Snippets is a brand new way for you to save time and fill in your content plan super-fast, while keeping the quality of content high.  Snippets ContentCal 2.0

How to use Snippets

  1. Head into ‘Setup’ from within your Calendar and scroll down to the area titled ‘Snippets’.
  2. Give your Snippet a name and then enter the information that will pull into your post.
  3. You’ll be able to enter your Snippet directly into the post when you create new content in the Calendar

Snippets gif

Publish Times 🦋 

Add your most-used publish times to ContentCal and select from these options when you schedule social media posts. 

Discover your 'best times to post' in ContentCal Analytics and ensure that you're always publishing when your audience is at their most engaged.

Want to collect info on when’s a good time to post? Simply select the ‘Random’ button to add a random time to your post, and find out which time works best. Publish Times ContentCal 2.0

How to use Publish Times

  1. Create your preset publish times by heading into ‘Setup’ within your Calendar. 
  2. Scroll to the ‘Preset Times’ area to add your most-used publish times. 
  3. You can use the dropdown arrow on the publish time selector when you’re creating a post to view and choose the time you want.

publish date gif

Dark Mode 🦋

Burning the midnight oil? Switch ContentCal to Dark Mode. 

Dark mode saves energy and reduces eye strain, helping you stay fresh if you’re planning into the night. dark mode ContentCal 2.0

How to use Dark Mode

  1. Head to your Avatar in the top right of ContentCal. 
  2. Enable Dark Mode

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