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A Month in the Life of Brian - Head of Services at ContentCal

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
29th August 2017
A month in the life of Brian

For a hot minute, we managed to grab busy-man Brian Collins and ask him for an update on the last month at ContentCal. Here's what he had to say as Head of Services. 

The ContentCal life is...well, constant.

ContentCal HQ continues to be in constant momentum. We’ve recently had a few particularly special months and it looks like this magic will be continuing. Of course, I’m being facetious when I say ‘magic’. The real magic here is actually not magic at all but the result of hard work, innovation, and an understanding of processes and goals.

We’ve been invited to pitch for some really exciting new businesses of late, while our client base is, of course, always wanting more. KPI’s are being hit, and often with style. On one occasion we even managed to achieve 6 months worth of annual traffic in just 7 days for one of our clients. It’s no wonder our clients are constantly hungry for more of these delicious results. With hard work from our team and the in-house teams of our clients, we’re now looking ahead to take on even more challenges.

This month, we’ve been focussing on video and fresh campaigns to support these new video assets. After multiple creative huddles, we’re on track to piece together 3-4 brand videos for our clients and add to their current social media offering.

As our team continues to deliver great results for our current client base, such arises the wonderful conundrum of ‘word of mouth’. We are constantly being introduced to new companies who are interested in how we can replicate results for their business.

But how to balance a great service for your clients while adding new business proposals on top?

Well, my intricate management style comes down to 1 word, 5 letters; pizza. Following a long, creative, and occasionally stressful day of dealing with our current client base, I called in a favour and asked the gang to stay behind to work on a new and very exciting business proposal. We ordered some pizza, got the beers in, and began to brainstorm for our next conquest.

Fortunately, my team is filled with the ambitious, the creative, the analytical, and the organised. Together we pieced together a research led and ingenious, yet comprehensive strategy for our potential new client, and in record breaking speed (dangerous information for me to have).

Throughout this process we also discovered additional bits and pieces that wouldn’t work for this new business, but would instead be beneficial to our already existing client base; win win. So as for our new pitch? We shall find out if they’ll be joining our family soon...but it’s looking good.

And such is life

Another company is eager to see what we can do, and how quickly we can do it. And we will do it. And continue to satisfy our current clients. And there will be more pizza.

_**The ContentCal life is constant, creative, and busy as ever...but we wouldn’t change it for the world (especially when there’s pizza involved). 

**Think Brian’s got a good thing going? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter using the handle ContentCal_io_

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