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New Emoji Developments That Will Make You 😁

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
25th April 2017
emoji developments

Emojis; Once just a playful feature of messaging, now paving the way for inclusion and diversity with the introduction of the new ginger emoji (and about time too), as well as introducing new ways to help those with communicative difficulties interact.

Samsung, our new hero, has recently released a new app to help those with aphasia, a language processing disorder that causes trouble with speaking, writing, and reading, to communicate more effectively. Developed by Samsung’s Italian subsidiary, along with speech and language therapist, Francesca Polini, the new app, Wemogee, has now been released.

*Cue Applause*

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The app allows aphasic patients to use a combinations of emojis to communicate their thoughts and needs with greater ease. The app is also able to transfer these emojis based messages into text for the non-aphasic side of the conversation. Despite being less well-known, aphasia is actually more common than Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, or cerebral palsy. We imagine that Wemogee is a sure to make a huge difference for the lives of the aphasiacs as well as their friends and family.

Emojis have souls

Meanwhile, the 1-2% of the ginger population can breathe a sigh of relief with the introduction of the new redheaded emoji options. After a long and arduous campaign for the flame-haired emoji options, the cries of injustice have been heard. image With the new emojis allowing for greater diversity, inclusion, and equality, a world where gingerism has been eradicated is so close we can almost taste it. Furthermore, with ginger-kind now represented in our emoji keyboard and therefore a more familiar sight, it’s even been suggested that redheaded children could be less victimised by schoolyard teasing.

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With the population becoming more and more infatuated with visual material opposed to written content, we can only image that emojis will continue to expand and grow in the next few years. With emojis being used in 2017 to help children communicate about abuse or other serious issues, the future of emojis is sure to be a greater asset to the population than we had originally anticipated.

Yeah, it gets bigger than Kimoji (thank god)

As a simpler way to process information, while often more fun at the same time, our-emoji love is sure to be everlasting. With marketing also capitalising on the popular trend, such as pizza hut’s all emoji menu, emojis are branching into all walks of life. Will 2018 see the rise of emoji road signs, emoji political campaigns, or emoji job applications? After today, I’m reluctant to say no.  

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