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Why businesses should avoid rushing into the new Facebook Pages experience

Here's why you should avoid upgrading to Facebook's all-new Pages experience just yet, according to the experts.

23rd November 2021

Throughout 2021 Facebook has been talking about the roll out of New Pages Experience. These changes have been slowly rolled out across a number of months, with the intention of allowing additional news feeds for page administrators and helping businesses to streamline the administration and management of public profiles.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well - the jury is still out on that one! While the New Pages Experience certainly seems to have a lot of potential, the reality still has a few bumps in the road.

We have found this amazing blog from Local Search Australia that perfectly sums up why businesses may want to keep their pages in the current format for a little longer.

What is Facebook’s New Pages Experience?

Facebook’s new Pages Experience enhances the way public figures and businesses build their community. It allows businesses to connect with audiences and manage their brand presence more simply than the current page experience.


What changes have been made?

1. A new layout

Those switching from the classic layout will be treated to a new page look and feel. Facebook says the layout is ‘cleaner and more intuitive’ enhancing user experience.

2. A personal and public profile in one

Maintaining a personal and public presence on Facebook is about to become even easier — apparently. The New Page Experience allows users to switch between their professional/business profile and their private one, a feature previously not available.

3. A new news feed

The update will also provide access to a second news feed for your public profile. This means you can follow brands that matter to your business directly from your business page rather than personal page. Having a separate personal and public profile makes it easier for business owners to have a news feed dedicated to their personal life and one aligned to business and brand. The business news feed will also be available to other page administrators.

Should you update to Facebook’s New Pages Experience?

Not yet! It’s recommended you should not update to the Facebook New Pages Experience just yet.

There is evidence to suggest some content & social media scheduling tools and advertising platforms, as well as abilities, may be impacted by switching to Facebook’s New Pages experience. People have also reported changes in permission levels and administrators have reported the New Page Experience is limiting their control over the page. Those who are Facebook Partners have also been impacted occasionally even losing access to their business manager.

Unfortunately, as this feature is still being developed by Facebook, their APIs are not yet equal with their UI (user interface), impacting third-party platforms and some features. It’s expected these issues will be resolved within the coming months.

Why you should not switch to Facebook’s New Pages Experience just yet

__1. Classic view isn't available for all pages

Unfortunately, once some pages have switched over to Facebook’s New Pages Experience, they will be unable to switch back. The worst part is, there is no way to tell if your page will be one of these until it’s too late. As mentioned before, some third-party advertising platforms will be negatively affected and may not be able to run effectively on the new Pages. At the time of publication, the most effective solution is for businesses to switch back to classic pages for the time being (where possible).

__2. Posts may be lost in translation

If you are able to switch back to your classic page it is likely you’ll lose access to some elements of your page. Facebook has noted this includes:

  • Insights: Only classic insights will be available

  • Ads: Those created on the new page will be stopped. These campaigns will not be able to be edited or restarted from the classic page

  • New Content: Any new posts created on the new Page will not transfer back

__3. Some campaign types will not be able to run

The updated New Page Experience can also alter your ability to run some types of Facebook Ad campaigns. Even if your third party provider or agency isn’t removed from your page, you may not be able to optimise for certain campaigns — primarily lead ads and other conversion type ads including sales, sign ups, app downloads to name a few may be impacted.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook’s New Pages Experience

Will posts be lost when switching from Facebook classic to new Pages Experience?

Facebook claims when a business switches to their new Pages Experience, all existing content will transfer to the new format. This includes photos, videos, stories and groups your page may be involved in. Most importantly, if your page does have a blue verification tick, that will transfer too.

Will page settings be lost when transferring between Facebook page types?

Some classic features will not be able to transfer over to Facebook’s new Pages Experience. According to Facebook, changes to Pages include:

  • Classic page roles, such as moderator and editor.
  • Likes from profiles which do not follow your page.
  • All classic publishing tools such as scheduling. Scheduling will now have to be through creator studio or Facebook Business Suite.
  • Business features including offers, jobs and appointments.
  • Other features such as reviews, check-ins and templates.

It’s important to note while these features are not currently available they may be restored in the future.

How do I switch to Facebook’s new Page Experience?

Switching to Facebook’s New Page Experience is simple, but once you have switched to the new Page Experience some users will not be able to transition back. If your page is eligible for the new update you will see a notice on your current page introducing the new Pages. Follow the prompts (learn more, get started, then next) and select publish and your page will be switched over.

How do you switch back to a classic Facebook Page Experience?

Most pages will be able to easily switch back to a classic Page Experience for now. As mentioned above there may be implications to switching back and downloading information from your new Page is highly recommended.

To switch back to Classic Facebook:

  • Open your new page.
  • In the menu besides Edit Page, click the three dots and select Switch to Classic Pages.
  • Follow the flow, then select Continue.
  • Your page will be switched back to classic view.

If you have any questions about how your ContentCal account may be affected by the New Facebook Pages Experience, please speak with us via before updating your page.

Local Search Australia also creates a regular newsletter with tech updates for businesses: Localsearch Digital Marketing Newsletter.

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