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It's Not Easy Being Evergreen

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
20th June 2017
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You’ve probably heard the term ‘evergreen’ at one point or another but may have brushed over this concept in the push to be ‘relevant and reactive’ for 24 hours of the day.

But if you’ll logout of Twitter for a moment, allow the steam to disperse from your ears, and stop obsessing over the current hashtagging trends, we’ll take you through the concept of evergreen content and why you should take it off the back bench.

Evergreen content is a term used to refer to any material that can be considered timeless. This type of content does not make reference to current trends or events, but can be enjoyed and understood by the readership over a long period of time from months to years to decades (if done well).

It’s like the gift that keeps on giving

This type of content is not just great for repeatedly sharing over your social channels but also has benefits in terms of actual SEO and bringing more people to your site. Because evergreen content will continue to be relevant over a long period of time, it will be able to continue to increase its views over time, and long after its date of upload. As a result, it’s more likely to earn a place at the top of the search engine results...and STAY there.

You want that? Keep reading

To create evergreen content you’ve got to think broadly about topics that will always be interesting to your audience. Avoid using current statistics, talking about recent events, or making seasonal content.

Some great evergreen content can come from talking about FAQ’s, really niche topics, or even tutorials. This is the type of content that people will continue to seek out for many years into the future, and it’s unlikely to become out-dated over time.

Furthermore, you should also be filling your content with as much knowledge as possible to increase it’s value to the readership. However, if you’re planning on using numerous facts or references, you should be willing to revisit your content every now and then to make sure that the information is still up-to date and correct.

Plenty of Fish’s blog is a great example for a brand that is making use evergreen content every now and then. With blog posts such as ‘Dating Do’s and Don’ts for Single Parents’ in amongst more current articles such as ‘Love lessons learned from Justin Bieber’ they’re certainly covering all bases to really reel in their audience (pun intended).

Sounds pretty cool, right?

We know that relevancy and reactivity is a hot commodity, but evergreen content comes with it’s own benefits too. In fact, a mixture of the two could be just the ticket for ultimate engagement. Fortunately for you, re-sharing your evergreen content couldn’t be easier with the content marketing calendarContentCal. Thanks to our re-use post feature, it’s really simple to give your content maximum exposure over as many channels as you like at the click of a mouse pad. And furthermore, you can use this feature to continue to re-add your content to your social media plan over the following weeks, months, and years.


Just don't go crazy, or your social pages will contain more spam than your Nan's fridge.

Let’s start a debate. What do you think is more important; relevancy and reactivity, or evergreen content? We want to know so send us a tweet using the handle @ContentCal_io

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