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How to optimize your content for voice search

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
6th August 2020
optimizing content for voice search

This blog was written by Nora Mork

This is the time of voice search. More and more people are using it to browse the web, make purchase decisions, or just find local businesses. Despite this development, only 4% of small and mid-size businesses are actually optimized for voice search. People need to embrace voice search and start working towards being voice search optimized. Marketers who do will have an instant advantage.

Here’s how to do just that

Write like you speak

Voice search is not the same as text search because it’s conversational. People speak into their phones as they would do with a friend by asking questions, adding different words, and so on. People also use more words in voice searches than in text searches. When you think about it, it makes sense, because it takes a lot of time to type something on a small screen and while only takes a few moments to say something aloud. This means that you need to use more long-tail keywords and complete sentences that can answer actual questions. Now the FAQ page comes back in the form of featured snippets on Google.

Answer questions

You need to find out what your user's questions are so that you can formulate an accurate answer. Find the questions that they ask, and then create content based on that. Collect many different questions and do your best to answer them all in your content and marketing channels.

“The more of this content you have, the more likely it will be that you will be chosen by the search engine and the more likely your content will be read by the voice search device. You will also get on that featured snippets which is great for your traffic,” says Reginald Fields, a business writer at Academized and Oxessays.

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Learn the guidelines

Google rates voice search results by how well the spoken response sounds and how well it answers the question. This means that you need to familiarize yourself with Google’s guidelines and get to know what they need in a perfect voice search response. Making yourself an expert in this area will ensure that your response will rank highly and be chosen to answer particular queries.

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Examine your keyword planner

Google’s keyword planner is often used by advertisers, but you can use it too to get keyword ideas and create content for search queries. Turn to web analytics to find out what search terms are leading people to your website.

Complete your listing on Google places and others

Make sure to do this while including your keywords wherever you can. Your listings are not just for organizations but also for the best placement in your Google search results. Your business listing will help your business to appear whenever someone searches for local businesses in your industry. Yelp results are also important.

Create FAQ pages

You can create different pages that answer various questions and categorize them into sections. Create a wide variety of questions and make sure they sound like something a person may actually say aloud into their device. You can create an umbrella FAQ page, but it might make more sense to have specific pages for different questions and categories if it means increasing the likelihood of your website being picked up for a voice search answer.

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Write accurate and user-friendly content

Another important element of proper voice search optimization is to write accurate content. The voice search device will read your response aloud which means that any mistakes will be very noticeable. Use these tools to spot any errors:

  • Study demic and My writing way are copywriting guides that can help you write without fluff and with perfect wording.
  • State of writing and Elite assignment help are editing tools that can help you create simple and accurate answers to many questions.
  • Via writing and Academ advisor are grammar checkers and tools that can help you eliminate all of the pesky grammar mistakes in your content.
  • Paper fellows is a proofreading tool mentioned at Ukservicesreviews and it can eliminate all of your spelling mistakes.
  • Simple grad and Letsgoandlearn are the tools that can help to generate titles, subheadings, keywords, etc. which will make your content more optimized for voice search.
  • Australian help and Big assignments are formatting tools that can help you format your content properly, because this is still very important, even in voice search.

As voice search becomes more and more common, marketers who optimize their pages for voice searches will have more success than those who don’t. It will only become more and more important in the future, as people begin to adopt voice search more and grow accustomed to it. Systems will also advance over time making it even easier to use voice search and more important to optimize your content.

Nora Mork is a marketing journalist and UK Writings and Boom Essays. She is regularly invited to speak at online marketing events and to write posts for Essay Roo services blog.

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