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How to build an organic social strategy, with Jacob Reid from LeoVegas

Jacob Reid from online casino LeoVegas shows us how he's achieving results x3 times the industry average with his social strategy.

Sophie Thompson
1st June 2021

There's a lot of debate around organic social media content. With six-figure paid media budgets becoming the norm at many businesses that allow you to pay for the value you get back, it can be difficult to see why simply posting content is still so essential. It's all about strategy!

Having a good organic strategy is important for a number of reasons:

  • Finding the right customers and building personal relationships with existing customers to keep them on your side
  • Creating a personality for your brand
  • Hard selling doesn't work anymore, you have to nurture people with relevant content in order to get them to convert
  • It's more budget-friendly!

If anyone knows how to do organic social media marketing well, it's Jacob Reid, who is the Organic Social Media Manager at online casino, LeoVegas. He's currently achieving results x3 times the industry average with his strategy, so we brought him on board for a workshop about how you can follow in his footsteps and the actionable tips you can use to get there.

Watch the full replay of the workshop below, or keep scrolling for the full summary.

What is organic social?

It's a question Jacob (and many others in this role) are faced with every day. By definition, Jacob describes it as the face of your brand and one of the first places that people will be introduced to you, making it a very important channel as social media is almost always the first point of contact in today's society. Not only that, but it's a place for existing customers to interact with you and form part of your retention strategy, which is directly driven by high-quality content.

It's not necessarily about hard-selling, it's about getting value from your brand without being intrusive. People interacting with your organic social have usually have already seen a paid ad and want to be involved in community-driven discussions with like-minded people! 70% of Instagram users turn to the platform for product discovery, so social channels are still definitely a great avenue for driving new leads.

Jacob always reminds his team that customers are not going to spend 24 hours a day on their site interacting with your brand or products. So what you need to do is make sure that when they're not on the site, you're still at the forefront of their mind.

Although it may feel like it, paid and organic social are not in competition! They work alongside each other really nicely and the ratio is totally dependent on your personal circumstances. If you see something that's working on paid, there's no reason why you shouldn't see how you can craft that into some organic content so that you're reaping the benefits too.

That being said, here are some key differences that work in organic social's favor:

  • Paid social is expensive! As it gets even more popular, it becomes even more competitive to get a good ROI
  • Paid social gives you a false sense of confidence, whereas organic create scalable growth. It's easy to forget that you're paying actual money for paid results - so of course, you'd hope for something in return!
  • Organic social builds loyalty and community, paid audiences are exactly what they say on the tin, they are unlikely to have previously been familiar with your brand or a customer

Jacob advises working as closely with your wider paid team as possible, and keep in constant communication so that you can continue to work towards the same goal.

If you're also in a larger company like Jacob is at LeoVegas, he says you should be taking advantage of personal branding. Not only does it build your personal profile, but by reposting LeoVegas campaigns he was working across on his LinkedIn, he was reaching team members in other countries who would've otherwise had no idea what was happening.

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Here are Jacob's 7 top tips for organic social success when building your strategy:

  1. Analysis
  2. Think like a customer
  3. Plan in advance
  4. Teamwork!
  5. Content is king!
  6. Be patient!
  7. Review and report

You can download Jacob's full strategy guide here.

Get the guide

And if you haven't already, download our free content strategy template as an easy way to map out your strategy before you create your social media calendar.

The payoff

Jacob's social strategy has made LeoVegas a leader in their space! Here are some content ideas that worked for them that could work for you too...

  • Promotions for loyal followers - Post a video that has an exclusive promotion at the end. Anyone who watches right through will get the full benefit and a more likely to stay loyal. In LeoVegas' instance, they asked people to write their LeoVegas username in the comments too, generating more engagement.
  • Add subtle CTAs - You don't want to sell too hard on organic posts. It's about building a loyal audience. You could, however, add a subtle, optional CTA that gently nudges them in the right direction e.g. "play now". If they enjoyed the content, the chances are that they will.
  • Episodic content - People will always come back if they know what they're getting and when they get it. One of LeoVegas' most highly engaged miniseries is 'game of the week'. It drives good engagement as it focuses on a new or popular game that week, and more importantly, drives people to the site!

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