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Creating the perfect content marketing process with ContentCal and Slack

Blog Post Author – Andy
14th January 2021

Your content marketing process is one of the most critical components of your content marketing strategy

Having a well-organized content marketing process will help with all elements of your content marketing activity including...

  • How you come up with ideas
  • How you research ideas
  • How you involve a team to collaborate on and prioritize ideas and suggestions
  • How you share draft content with your wider team
  • How you improve and develop your draft content
  • How you approve content
  • How you publish and amplify content

Because content marketing is such a complex beast and often shrouded in manual processes, it can often be confusing, which limits the input from others to the detriment of content quality.

In the majority of situations, content marketing strategies and plans are built across multiple types of tools.

  • A strategy document might live in a Google Doc for example, or on a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The plans and tasks that fall off the back of this strategy might live in a project management tool like Trello, AirTable, or even a simple Google Sheet.
  • Team collaboration might happen in a project management tool, or chat (like Slack), or even just on email.
  • Then there’s the approval process, which involves further chat or email messages
  • Finally, there's the publication piece which will naturally happen on a native platform, or a separate publishing tool depending on whether the content is destined for social media, blog, or email.

As you can see, it can be quite a disjointed affair.

Slack ContentCal integration 1

It's at this point that businesses consider what tools could start to bring all of this together. ContentCal exists to solve a huge majority of the content planning, organization, approval, publishing, and analysis of content - but to really get the processes working well it's sometimes preferable to integrate into existing tools.

Enter the Slack and ContentCal Integration

Slack is one of the most popular business-orientated instant messaging tools and is used frequently in a content marketing strategy. Typically, Slack would be used most heavily around content marketing ideation and collaboration.

In this blog, we're going to talk about the most popular use-case for integrating Slack and ContentCal -  for content ideation.

Integrations 2

The best content is created together

To get ideas flowing, one of the most important things to do is to remove the behavioral barriers that typically exist when businesses attempt to implement new tools. Behaviors and habits are hard to break, so when a new tool is presented to people, naturally it takes a lot of upheaval to change.

That's where integrating into existing toolsets is extremely valuable. To give you an example, let's say you're having a Slack conversation with a colleague and you come up with a new idea. That sparks a thought for a great piece of content. But at that point you don't want to have to then think about taking that idea and moving it into another tool,  you want to be able to catch an idea in the moment and then continue that discussion further.

It’s all about simplicity and removing cognitive effort.

Are you looking to get your wider team more involved with marketing? Here’s how you can work effectively with other teams in a business.

Facilitate the ideation process by connecting ContentCal to Slack in two key ways...

Step one: Allowing content to be sent from Slack to ContentCal when a message is saved.

This is the scenario we were discussing above. Within a Slack conversation, you have an opportunity to ‘Save’ a message. When you Save a message, that particular message will be sent to the Content Hub Library within ContentCal, capturing that idea at source and giving your team a really simple way to ensure that any ideas that crop up in the moment can easily be captured and stored for later.

Step 2: Setting up a content ideas Slack Channel and allowing those messages to be sent to ContentCal

An alternative approach for integrating Slack and ContentCal is setting up a specific channel within Slack (you might name this channel ‘content ideas’ for example). This will allow anyone with access to this channel the ability to share any idea that they might have. This is a fantastically simple way of creating ideas and suggestions from across a team using native tools and having all of those ideas brought straight into ContentCal.

Want to get set up? Check out the video guide

Alternatively, have a look at our support doc

Both options will radically simplify the ideation process and really kickstart your content marketing process - ensuring you get maximum input and, as a result, get the very best ideas to work with.

By funneling these ideas into ContentCal, you can inject your ideas straight into your content marketing process to help you manage prioritization, planning, collaboration, approvals, publishing, and analytics helping you build the best possible process for your content marketing strategy.

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