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Improving ideation with ContentCal and Microsoft Teams

Blog Post Author – Andy
22nd March 2021

Microsoft Teams has grown at an astounding rate over the last year and has even surpassed its principal competitor, Slack, in terms of active users. Microsoft Teams is now the most widely used Instant Messaging and Collaboration platform for businesses.

This rate of adoption has meant that ‘Teams’ (as I’ll call it from now on) has become the central hub of collaboration for many businesses. However, once a business has rolled out Teams to all of its employees, the next question many ask is; ‘What else can it do’?

The average business uses between 4 and 7 collaboration tools, so it’s of little surprise that businesses want to integrate other tools with Teams.

Having multiple collaboration tools is often unavoidable, it's rare to find a single solution that fits everyone’s needs.

Enter ContentCal

ContentCal uses the collaborative nature of Teams to improve how you generate ideas for your content plan.

The Creativity Challenge

One of the main barriers to good content marketing is a lack of creative ideas. That’s not to say that businesses don’t have ideas, the issue is that many ideas go unshared or uncaptured.

The second challenge is the time it takes to be creative, when 'time’ is everyone’s most precious and limited resource.

The importance of ideation

Ideas often occur through collaboration across teams and for most businesses there’s no central place for that to happen.

Teams and ContentCal can help

Within Teams, you can create ‘Channels’ which are topic focussed chat threads. This screenshot shows a Channel I created called ‘Content Ideas’

Microsoft Teams screenshot 1

This channel will act as a central place for anyone in the business (who has access) to suggest an idea for content.

Zapier can be used to connect Microsoft Teams and ContentCal.

For more information about Zapier, have a read of our introductory help guide.

To set up your zapier integration now, click here.

Microsoft teams integration zapier screenshot 2

When you connect Teams with ContentCal via Zapier, you can select an option that results in a new post being created in the ContentCal Content Hub, when a ‘New Channel Message’ is posted on 'Teams'.

ContentCal’s Content Hub

The Content Hub on ContentCal is your library for content ideas - an ever-evolving poinboard of inspiration - that never lets you run short of content ideas again.

Once you have the integration set up on Zapier, each time a message is posted in the ‘Content Ideas’ channel in Teams, it will also be added to the Content Hub as a new post.


From here, you can curate and organize content and develop ideas further, by clicking ‘Use Content’. Ideas are added to uour content plan, to be progressed as you wish.

In conclusion

Once you centralize collaboration by using Teams, you can add further value by facilitating and enabling one of the most challenging areas of content marketing, game-changing ideas!

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