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Perfect your post in record time with Snippets

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
17th December 2019
how to use snippets with contentcal

What are Snippets?

With Snippets, you can save any post copy that you’re likely to repeat in the future. You might want to save a link to your website as a Snippet, or even a number of hashtags to be added to a post in bulk.

In short, Snippets allow you to quickly and easily add to your post copy, without needing to look up or re-type the same information.


Why we created Snippets

We noticed how often our customers were duplicating their content across social media channels.

While we’re all for using the COPE methodology (create once, publish everywhere) we also think there’s a limit to how many times you should re-use your content to avoid being too repetitive in forsaking quality in favour of quantity.

Snippets gives you the perfect mix of both worlds, allowing you to add copy, hashtags or @ mentions to your posts that you can use over and over again, without needing to duplicate your previous posts.

“Snippets is a content creator’s dream. There will always be elements of your content that you’ll need to repeat in future posts, whether it’s a grouping of hashtags, or a discount code you’re trying to push.

“Just two clicks and voila, the information you need is instantly added to your post.” – Kirsty Smith, Product Marketer


How to use Snippets

Head into the ‘Setup’ area within your Content Calendar Scroll down to the Snippets area and select to ‘Create Snippet’ Give your Snippet a title such as ‘Coffee Hashtags’ and enter your Snippet text (which could be a list of coffee-related hashtags).

4 ways to use Snippets

  1. Save your Call To Actions Directing your audience left right and center? Add your CTAs and links as individual Snippets, ready for whenever you need them.

  2. Hashtags No need to re-enter your hashtags for every post. Save a list of commonly used hashtags as a Snippet, and add them all to your posts in bulk.

  3. Standard Information If you often share discount codes, terms & conditions, or other standard information, it’s important not to mis-spell or make errors. Adding this info to your Calendar as a Snippet will stop errors and save time.

  4. @ handles Often @ mentioning the same few accounts? Add your most-used @ handles as a Snippet, ready to enter into your post.

Only need a few from the Snippet? Not a problem, just add your Snippet, and delete the bits you don’t need.

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