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How to reduce ‘faff’ and perfectly execute your content approval workflow

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
3rd December 2020

While we can all agree that planning and writing your content requires a certain degree of time and careful thought, there are elements of the content publishing process that can often feel ‘dragged out’.

The task of getting content approval is often one that causes marketers across the globe to let out a heavy sigh and mentally brace themselves before reaching out to their clients or senior team for content sign-off.

But why? You ask

Well, the reason we marketers feel tense at the idea of seeking content approval, isn’t necessarily to do with a lack of confidence in the content we’ve created but is actually dread of the workflow approval process itself.

From the moment we’ve requested approval via email or another app such as Slack, we’re already expecting either a confusing paragraph in response (with the recommended edits presented completely out of context), contradictory feedback from multiple team members, an incredibly ambiguous message that neither says ‘yes’ or ‘no’, or even no response at all (which is actually the most common outcome of all).

All of these possibilities simply eat away at a marketer’s time, where we’re required to either over-analyze our work in order to cooperate with feedback, over-analyze the response in an attempt to understand it, express disagreement with the feedback at the risk of triggering a painfully long-winded email thread, or begin the long and arduous process of ‘chasing for approval’.

I can’t lie, it’s not my idea of a good time and it probably isn’t yours either.

According to research, 58% of businesses don’t even have a formal content workflow, while content creation workflows ranked within the top three challenges faces by 47% of companies.

As a result, it’s no wonder that the thought of content approval strikes fear into the hearts of so many women and men which such a wide-spread lack of process and the absence of tools to carry it out with.

Our solution: Customizable Approval Workflows

ContentCal comes with built-in Approval Workflows to ensure that none of your content can go live until it’s been vetted and approved by the most relevant members of your team (or by your clients).

Within the ‘Members and Approvals’ tab in the ‘Publish’ area, you can control precisely what every member of your team has the ability to do within your Calendar such as view and comment, create, approve, approve and edit, etc. This allows you to assign the responsibility of approving content only to those who should have the final say.

If you’re looking to set up something a little more complex, you can also make use of our Advanced Approval Workflows that allow for multiple levels of content approval with your posts to be signed off by one user after the other. As soon as you set your content to the ‘Pending Approval’ stage, this will send an email notification to whoever is next to approve the content in your workflow. Once the content has been approved by your first approver, this will then trigger an email notification to the second approver, and then to the third approver, and so forth.

Social media approval flows

At each stage in the team or client approval process, there will be an opportunity for them to review your content and leave a comment on the post (if they’d like to). They can then either approve or reject your post with a single click making it crystal clear whether they are happy with the content or not. If they reject your post, you’ll be automatically notified via email so you know to return to the Calendar and make the necessary edits. You’ll also receive an email notification if you are @ mentioned in any comments so you’ll always be aware of any important feedback.


Want to check in on progress? ContentCal’s visual content calendar interface is completely color-coded so you can see at a glance whether your content has been approved, rejected, or whether it’s still awaiting approval. You can even click into a post to see specifically which member of your team is next to approve the content as per your social media approval workflow.


And there you have it; approval workflows made simple. Plan, create, approve, and edit your content from one central platform with minimal fuss and minimal faff.

Discover how to set up your approval workflow in ContentCal by having a read of our support guide

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