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Productivity Hacks for Small and Busy Teams

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
31st July 2017
Productivity Hacks

When you’re a small (and growing) agency, there will inevitably be a moment here or there where you just want to pull your hair out. Sure, you love your job, but there is a point where pretty busy becomes TOO busy.

Fortunately for you, ContentCal can make an enormous difference when it comes to time saving - improving efficiency and helping you to maintain a consistently high standard of work.

Efficiency, time-saving, high standard of work...what is this magic you speak of?

Planning your Content

When it comes to content creation, approach is everything. We suggest you begin by planning out key themes for the coming months and gradually filling in the gaps. This helps to make your workload feel a lot more manageable (and minimises the urge to procrastinate).

Content planning and scheduling is where the ContentCal platform really shines. Our visual content calendar allows you to view content across all your marketing channels at a glance, helping you to easily spot any gaps, inconsistencies or opportunities to optimise your delivery schedule. Productivity Hacks 10

Fake Agility

If you’re feeling really crafty, you can even give the illusion of agility by preparing some content in advance. Say you wanted to post a congratulatory post to the winner of Wimbledon, simply draft up a post for each outcome and, when the winner is announced, post whichever is appropriate. Now isn’t that sneaky?

ContentCal’s placeholder posts are a helpful feature to facilitate this planning tactic. Using placeholder posts, you can leave ideas like post-it notes in your calendar to remind you about upcoming events, or prepare for occasions like these.

Re-use Content

No, it’s not cheating to re-use some content. If you’ve got something really great, and really evergreen content, then we encourage you to keep on sharing. This is simple with our ‘re-use post’ feature in ContentCal, which allows you to easily duplicate your content across the calendar; just a couple of clicks, and you’re good to go. Productivity Hacks 8

Approval Workflows

A more streamlined process will always be a time-saver; we don’t need to tell you that. With ContentCal Approval Flows, you can set up custom workflows for your team and clients. Each post in the calendar will need to progress through each step of the approval flow before it is able to publish live to the scheduled channel. Not only does this allow work to be vetted in a streamlined way, but it also means added security with no content able to be published to channel without prior approval from all the right people. Productivity Hacks 5

Ultimate Collaboration

Do you always seem to end up with multiple copies of content floating around in various documents and feedback lost in long email threads? With ContentCal, you can leave feedback on individual posts via comments and easily make edits within the calendar itself. This means a lot less emailing back and forth with clients, plus the added reassurance that everyone is looking at the most recent edits. Version control = nailed Productivity Hacks 4

Shared Assets Folders

With our shared asset folders there’ll be no more rummaging around in the depths of your downloads folder for ‘that video’ or ‘this picture’. Keep everything together, all in one place; it’s only logical. Productivity Hacks 3

Calendar Format

The visual calendar layout of ContentCal is designed for maximise efficiency. With colour coded content, you can instantly see which posts are approved, awaiting for approval or denied. You can also filter posts by approval status to make life even easier. Productivity Hacks 2 ContentCal can help your agency to save time, manage more clients, collaborate better between teams and free up more time to be spent growing your business. Start your free 14 day trial now to see how ContentCal can work for you.

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