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Put the A back in Agency

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
1st June 2017
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...because 'gency' isn't catchy

So you’re a budding agency? You might think you’re getting along fine with your old reliable spreadsheet methods, but we don’t think you should knock our solution until you’ve tried it.

With the ContentCal platform you could reach a much higher level of organisation and efficiency than ever before; allowing you to really impress your clients, and even get some new ones in the process.

Because there ain't no party like a ConentCal party...

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Limited Time

Of course, time management is incredibly important in agency life. You’ve got to be really conscious of how long tasks are taking to complete, particularly when it comes to how much a client has agreed to pay for your services.

When it comes to less financially-able clients, this can mean working very quickly indeed to deliver work without compromising on quality.

But here’s where ContentCal can help you out. With an easy to view platform, you gain a bird’s eye view over all social channels and all social content for every client in one swift glimpse. Instantly see what is needed and where, and create and plan social content with speed like never before.

Limited Attention

Sometimes working in an agency can make you feel like you’re a run-down parent with at least five children, and you’ve just walked into the supermarket and all five have run off in separate directions.’s tricky.

But when you feel like you’re being stretched a little too thin, and are struggling to equal the amount of attention your clients receive, mistakes can begin to slip through the cracks. And that’s when things really get tricky.

However, with the ContentCal platform you’ll be able to take a look at all of your client’s content much quicker and easier. Thanks to our approval workflows, your content will be processed through several levels of approval before making it out into the social sphere...which will definitely help you sleep at night. Mistakes are not only minimised, but also way easier to catch and fix. marketing agency 2

Limited Control

Sometimes agency life can involve a lot of waiting around. You might be waiting for the client to approve content, waiting for them to send over some ideas for content, waiting for them to contact you at all; after all, they’re busy people too. With ContentCal, it’s way easier to spot where the hold-up is. Our traffic light colour-coded platform allows you to instantly see which bits of content are awaiting approval, meaning you can work much more efficiently, and have greater insight into what exactly is going on.

Limited Assets

You don’t need all the resources in the world to create some smashing content...but there are some tricks us agency folk have up our sleeves to really jazz up the content before we reveal it to the world. Your client might not be the bees-knees when it comes to providing you with visual assets, or keeping you up to date with the goings-on in their business’ life, but it is possible to do a little bit of improvisation.

Websites like Upslash can provide you with high quality and commercial free images. There are also tools to resize images as well as edit your pics to look their best. You can have your social media content looking shiny and brand new pretty easily with a few apps and a little practise.

Furthermore, with ContentCal containing shared folders for client assets, all your creative inspiration will be stored in one easy to reach place. You’ll never need to go diving around in a never-ending google drive again (not everyone always manages to return).

You Get the Picture...

We want to make life for agencies as straight-forward as possible. This means helping you to do right by your clients, allowing for greater time savings, more achieved, and greater progression and development for your company. Shall we shake on it? marketing agency 56

What part of agency life do you most struggle with? Let us know on twitter using the handle @ContentCal_io

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